Dawn of a New Era
Dawn of a New Era

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- Life With Dragons - Both Fireclaw and Lan doesn't seem too happy with William's treating of Stefan! 01-03-2007
- Life & Death - Wonder if Steve will bring his scythe to bear on William after this stunt of his? 01-03-2007
- Innocent - Innoncent is most displeased in how William has treated Stefan! 01-03-2007
- Cortland - Cortland has showed up to show his displeasure with William! 01-03-2007
- Return Zero - Angrily waving his hands, Caleb shows how displeased he is with William's actions! 01-03-2007
- Like Fish in Water - From his very own bowl, Gupy voices his opinions on Willam! 01-03-2007
- Darken - Hardly recognizeable in his fury, Komiyan shows how angry he is with William! 01-03-2007

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