Dead Winter
Dead Winter

- None recorded

- The Zombie Hunters - Jennie is hiding out in the top right panel, avoiding the raving Zombies! 15-01-2008
- PvP Online - Looks like the mall has a skull-plushie in their plushie bargain bin! 30-02-2010
- Dawn of Time - If thats not the merry Triceratops having been made into plushis I'm blind! 30-02-2010
- Gunshow - In the bargain bin you can find a plushie of Question Hound! 30-02-2010

Dead Winter cameos/references can be found in:
- The Zombie Hunters - The poster on the wall features Monday as front cover for Dead Winter! 17-03-2008
- Fox Soap - Looks like Lizzie has joined the exchange program and become a maid for the evening! 15-07-2010
- The Whiteboard - Seems like Doc's Halloween party was too much for Lizzie, she fell asleep on the couch! 02-11-2011
- The Whiteboard - Probably the coolest around, Mr. Quisenberry is Black Monday Blues for this Halloween Party! 31-10-2012
- Widdershins - Dead Winter the Movie... in 3D even? That's one I would really like to watch! 05-07-2013

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