Death Bunny
Death Bunny

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- Penny Arcade - While talking about webcomics, Death Bunny wears Gabe's shirt! 01-06-2004
- Fox & Apple - Death Bunny once met Apple... and then she was eaten by... Fox?! 07-09-2004
- Shinku - Robbie and Leroy appear in a strip again... if only as an April's Fool in another comic! 01-04-2005
- Quarters - Now it has been confirned, Quarters are still inhabiting the gray void of The Hiatus! 01-04-2005
- Sub-Culture - As Death Bunny puts it, Sub-Culture is still on hiatus along with a couple of other comics! 01-04-2005
- FusionD - Did Fusion D end stupid, boring and convoluted? ... I don't think so! 01-04-2005

Death Bunny cameos/references can be found in:
- FusionD - Looks like Cutter is keeping a digital eye on Death Bunny! 14-06-2004
- Impy & Aevy - Bunny-plushies are always nice... but having a Death Bunny doll standing by your bed? 24-01-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Clueless about her being watched, Nico is under surveillance on one of the screens! 29-03-2006
- The KAMics - Death Bunny the Musical? With Bunnies of Doom interested, I think I go around this one! 24-04-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Both Nico and Death Bunny have taken a seat among the audience at the Dog-show! 10-05-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Nico is a straight A student and a rabbit? Well, thats true... but she is the wrong comic! 24-05-2006
- Impy & Aevy - And the egg goes to... Deathbunny! Who know enters the comic permanently! 28-02-2007
- Cantrip the Magic Rabbit - Smile to the rabbit little girl, smile to... Death Bunny! 10-10-2008
- Femmegasm - It was just a question about time before some Death Bunny figures were made I see! 06-11-2008
- Femmegasm - Threatening as always, a Death Bunny doll is NOT something you want to share closet with! 24-02-2009

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Superosity - Yeah, Chris Crosby would have taken up quite a lot of the webpage if brought in! 01-06-2004
- PvP Online - Death Bunny might be right, there wouldn't be room for Scott Kurtz in the comic! 01-06-2004

Hogan's Notes:

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