Death P*rn
Death P*rn
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- None recorded

- Banana Cream Cake - Not in the strip itself, but Jenna has been invited to get it animated on with Carmen below! 25-02-2013

Death P*rn cameos/references can be found in:
- Muse of a Knight - Death P*rn did a good job in the award compertition, but it wasn't enough this time! 18-11-2011
- Heroine at Large - There's no way ot not knowing who she is rooting for tin that contest! MA content warning!10-06-2012
- F.U. Point M.O.D.I.C. - So you rather not want this to become an episode of Death P*rn? Understandable...! MA content warning!17-07-2013
- Used Books - Angie has come out in the cold so see what all the ruckus and rescue teams are all about! 20-03-2014
- The Devon Legacy - Both Carmen and Angie seems to be caught up in the crowd that... gets shaken a bit! 02-04-2015

EL Cid cameos/references:
- Anais and Clarissse - Blue once stole El Cid from Anais? Got to be because of his manly physique! MA content warning!08-10-2005
- X-UP - El Cid gets the honor of being portrayed as mighty Grand Field Marshall! MA content warning!04-06-2010
- Heroine at Large - Batteen is having a very lively sex-char session with none other than El Cid! MA content warning!24-01-2012
- A Call to Destiny Reloaded - Looks like Ragmorshaga is out promoting El Cid on her shirt today! MA content warning!28-01-2012
- M. Organ Art - A small figure of El-Cid the Artist stands on the table at what appears to be a convention! MA content warning!29-04-2012

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