- None recorded

- The Mr. Chuck Show - A robot has escaped from the show and signed up for the Killbot convention! Strip 268
- Robot Stories - His sign says 1011 and he is a robot among robots! Strip 268
- The Bad Boys of Computer Science - Tobor has his Smash-attitude on for the Killbot convention! Strip 268
- Funny Farm - Guess seeing ASCII at a Killbot Convention should come as no surprise! Strip 268
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Wonder how Vaporware will do at Killbot? It's Humans he loathe, not robots! Strip 268
- Freefall - Helix is probably only at the convention to meet new and interesting robots! Strip 268
- Diesel Sweeties - Guess Clango thinks joining Killbot can help him with the ladies? Strip 268
- Gaming Guardians - Guess a Killbot convention is exactly where EDG would find himself at home! Strip 268
- Adventurers - Evil Death Spybot 5000 is shined up and ready for the Killbot convention! Strip 268
- S.S.D.D - Tin-Head has joined up with the many other robots at their own convention! Strip 268
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Off couse other robots would like to see Miss Pacific Beauty at the convention! Strip 268
- Framed - The suddenly arrival of strangers becomes the end of the Pyrogy Ninja! 16-08-2001

Deathworld cameos/references can be found in:
- Hoodie Apocalypse - Matt Blaster is pretty much more interested in watching old movies than worrying! Strip #3

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