- None recorded

- Las Lindas - Nixie visits Mora's farm to debunk the disappearance of tea... and she'll get more to debunk! 04-09-2016
- Our World - For Halloween we got... Trilby out and up in the face of some agents? 29-10-2016
- Addictive Science - Looks like the MIB have come out for this Halloween... looking for someone or something? 29-10-2016
- The Eye of Ramalach - Ramalach, or someone dressed as Ramalach, is a part of the Halloween festivitas! 29-10-2016
- DMFA - Taking pictures of Mab as a real faerie works best when its not Halloween! 29-10-2016
- Las Lindas - Nixie returns to the farm to investigate and Taffy invites in! 05-11-2016
- Anthronauts - The PSS Bubbles swoops in and takes Avi completely by surprise! 12-11-2016
- Addictive Science - Celie the scientist explains how Humans died out but can return through lycanthropy! 02-10-2017

Debunkers cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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