Ded End
Ded End

- None recorded

- Homestar Runner - What do we have here? HomeStar Ded & Strong Bad Sketch? 23-05-2005
- Wapsi Square - Ded tries the famous Eight Ball Shirt effect... but seems to lack something? 06-06-2005
- Wapsi Square - Waffles is zapped into... Monica's dog Dietzel? 08-07-2005
- Ugly Girl - Another mighty zap turns Waffles into Ugly Girl! 08-07-2005
- iLL wiLL PreSS - Still being zapped, Waffles is now turned into Foamy! 08-07-2005
- Homestar Runner - Yet another zap is fired, and this time Waffles is turned into The Cheat! 08-07-2005

Ded End cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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