The Demon Archives
The Demon Archives

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- Zukahnaut - On the floor we spot and issue of the latest Zukahnaut comic... of the future! 15-06-2015
- Black Mudpuppy - Good to see that the good things survive in the future, like Black Mudpuppy comics! 15-06-2015
- Blitz Phoenix - Off course you will find a Blitz Phoenix comic lying around on the floor in place like this! 15-06-2015
- Exiern - For this battle, none other than Typh and Peonie have been hired as commandos! 18-01-2018

The Demon Archives cameos/references can be found in:
- Princess Chroma - Looks like Jane has taken leave for a bit to function as an angelic guardian in the royal court! 18-02-2014
- GROOVY, KINDA - Right there in the first panel we have Tenzin walking by with his dog... and Jane on his shirt! 09-03-2014
- Center Lane - ECD should have known better than letting the killer robot loose where the Keleres could get to it! 24-09-2014
- Princess Chroma - Armored Tenzin has shown up at the crack of dawn among the people to watch the spectacle! 24-09-2014
- I, Mummy - Nice of them to have the maid give Royal Guard Tenzin a hot drink on a cold night! 23-10-2014
- Blitz Phoenix - Looks like both Jane and Tenzin are in the airport, trying to find their way by map? 18-03-2015
- Tethered - A poster with the symbol of the Demon Archives adorns the door! 27-03-2015
- Princess Chroma - Tenzin, in full uniform, effectively cleans up crime on this special night of the year! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Nate the Robot - A fully armored Tenzon Action Figure have reveived a spot on the shelf! 16-09-2015

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