A Demon's Summoner
A Demon's Summoner

- None recorded

- Whiteclaw - Those who decorate their walls with Perturbator-posters cant be all bad... right?! 18-09-2022
- Double the Soul - Summoning a duo for Zedo is the nicest thing one can do! 10-09-2022
- Gaia's Guardians - I think its op for discussion who's the pet here, but Gaia knows what she likes! 04-09-2022
- Eternal Shadow - Adam shows among the dark fracture memories tha haunts the Summoner's dreams! 05-11-2023

A Demon's Summoner cameos/references can be found in:
- Mythic Mayhem - Its amazing what you can make with snow, and making a snowman of Kali is the least of it! 09-12-2022
- Village Bearer - If you look around the full market street you can spot both Vivian, Roxy, Roxanne and the Mysterious Lady! 14-01-2023
- The Fantasy Book Club - Hey, looks like Lady Vivian has found something in the library she wants a better look at! 01-04-2023
- Broken Beats - Happily rocking along to the music, Roxanne can be spotted at the Suddenly Found concert! 15-07-2023

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