Detective Fork
Detective Fork

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- Pinky TA - Isn't that a copy of the very rare Pinky TA the Comic we can party see there? 02-07-2006
- Slither and Friends - There's no end to his legacy... Slither has his own comic book! 02-07-2006
- Dribble for Kids - So... there are really a D4K comic out in the stores? Interesting! 02-07-2006

Fork cameos/references can be found in:
- Oshkosh & Josh - Forks(s) in trenchcoats? There's only one, and he is a detective! 11-02-2005
- Slither and Friends - Fork is doing some undercover work in the ant-hill! 22-02-2005
- Pinky TA - Pinky is about to go "oral" on Fork who' seem to be undercover again! 06-04-2005
- Vampire Noir - Fork is looming in the shadows behind the bar, looking gloomy and Han Solo-like! 03-05-2005
- Nothing Special - Fork shows up to show his respect at the ending of a great comic! 16-05-2005
- The KAMics - Why was the Detective Fork costume rejected? Trench Coats are always in!? 28-10-2005
- Magical Misfits - Looks like Detective Fork is put aside for cleaning together with the dishes! 12-03-2006
- The Whovian Observer - A Tardis was just what Fork needed to become even more badass! Gueststrip01-06-2006
- The KAMics - Superfork as the thrid Valkyrie? Nah, this has gone to far now! 17-07-2006
- Magical Misfits - An image of Detective Fork drifts through the mysteriously astral realm! 11-10-2006
- Billy Learns To Rock - The Detective seems to get a good laugh out of the "Christmas Tree"! 24-12-2006
- The Burnhams - The good Detective Fork seems to get a good laugh out of the "Christmas Tree"! 24-12-2006
- Penis - Fork KNOWS he is the best... and does mess with him if you mean otherwise! 12-01-2007
- Magical Misfits - Fork folllowerd the trace that lead him to this celebration of 400 great strips of Magical Misfits! 21-02-2007
- The KAMics - An old strip featuring Fork is found floating in the dimension of Lost Webcomics! 09-05-2007
- M. Organ Art - The Forker looks like Detective Fork on a bad day with sex and Heavy Metal! MA content warning!18-07-2007
- Life & Death - Detective Fork has tracked the 400th strip into Steve's dream for the celebration ! 12-08-2007
- CameoComic - Fork, Multi-comic detective... and a choice for a cameo for the battle? 24-08-2007
- Magical Misfits - Detective Fork has taken time off to come and celebrate MM's 600 strips! 05-10-2007
- Charby the Vampirate - Wonder if Detective Fork is doing some stalking from the table... or just dinnering? 09-10-2007
- The Burnhams - Fork uses his head to show his opponents his sharp mind at the 100 strip bashout party! 01-05-2008
- The KAMics - Fork's skills at disguise is too great... none see him as the fork at the 1000 strip celebration! 17-07-2009
- The KAMics - He can't be undercover, so perhaps Fork is just out having a friendly cutleryfree dinner? 09-12-2009

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