Diesel Sweeties
Diesel Sweeties

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- Penny Arcade - Looks like DivX is a friend og Clango... and he keeps his priorities in sight! Strip #42
- Penny Arcade - Don't expect much help from Tycho when his mind is set on faery tales! Strip #131
- Scary Go Round - Shelley sees it! Fallon is having fun playing with Metal Steve's feelings! Strip #245
- Penny Arcade - Gabe and Tycho are right... mechs NEED to come with Rocket Launchers! GueststripStrip #619
- Overcompensating - In the first panel we see Weedmaster P as the store clerk! Strip #1338
- Dr. McNinja - On Halloween Zoha is like everyone else... a Ninja! Dr. McNinja approves! Strip #2133
- Penny Arcade - Getting fun cookies on your computer again? Get the Penny Arcade cookie! Strip #3437

Diesel Sweeties cameos/references can be found in:
- Life on Forbez - Clango visits the Mall... and becomes the center of female metallic attention! 23-10-2000
- 3 Finger Salute - Clango is of the opinion that computers and few pixels make the best webcomics! 16-08-2001
- Comic Strip - Scary Bear is wearing the official Disesl T-shirt... soon available at a place near you! 09-10-2001
- Comic Strip - Nipples the bear visits Scary... and is show the headway out by him! 05-02-2002
- Questionable Content - An amazing costume, but inside Red Robot is Pintsize... or so we hope!? 30-10-2003
- Questionable Content - Poor Metal Steve... he never knew what hit him, but his pants suddenly got tight! 20-04-2004
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Too bad for Chex that Clango's comic grows so fast that he can't keep up! 02-08-2004
- Questionable Content - There are names for the Human anatomy Clango is not fully familiar with! 17-08-2004
- HOUSD - As an individual style, the pixelated kind like in Diesel Sweeties might be too much! 16-07-2005
- Tailsteak - No wonder Red Robot has little luck with the ladies, even if they survive! 12-11-2005
- Questionable Content - So... Red Robot would come by to discuss the elimination of Humans? Gueststrip06-08-2006
- Tweep - What? Shall one be ashamed of reading Red Robot now? 26-12-2005
- Evil Overlords United - If you want to seek out the Sprite comics, you cannot avoid Diesel Sweeties! 24-05-2007
- Goats - Clango digs through the shirts... checking how much is in store? Gueststrip30-05-2007
- Scary Go Round - A Clango look-alike has been added to the toy-pile at the charity shop's stock! 13-06-2007
- Something Positive - Look what we have here! A poster for Diesel Sweeties the Musical! 13-07-2007
- Weregeek - Hmm... that looks like a genuine Red Robot model placed on the Gamestores' shelf! 13-07-2007
- Freefall - Red Robot is just standing around doing... nothing? Don't let that fool you! 19-09-2007
- The Devil's Panties - Jennie is doing the great washing-day, but her Red Robot socks stay on! 24-01-2008
- Times Like This - Diesel Sweeties is a great webcomic, and definitely Cassie's taste in offbeat humor! 21-11-2008
- Questionable Content - Despite all the fun going on, Steve and Allie seems to have brough a quarrel along! 27-04-2009
- Questionable Content - Red Robot hangs out in the robot chat-channel, having a good laugh at Pintsize! 08-06-2009
- The Crossoverlord - I'm not sure I like a society where Clango's AI will set the norm...! 09-06-2009
- The Crossoverlord - The Smiling Man launches his newest and most dangerous force, the Red Robot Army! 16-07-2009
- Weapon Brown - Among all the trash littering the workshop we find... Clangos head?! 12-04-2010
- The Crossoverlord - Clango's world will be mixed up with all the others if the Space-Time Slicer is ever used! 18-04-2010
- Sketch Comedy - Independent Music James? Hey! Have anyone spotted Indie Rock Pete around? 21-02-2011
- Questionable Content - Looks like the shop have a Red Robot chassis on the shelf? Who would want that one? 24-08-2011
- Something Positive - Seems like Clango was given over to become S*P-cast through the last will of his creator! 29-09-2011
- Something Positive - Looks like Aubrey snapped the vintage Diesel Sweeties arcade game for her office! 04-06-2012
- Times Like This - Bethany takes her time to carch up on Diesel Sweeties before work begins! 22-04-2013
- Mindmistress - When a Robot dates a former Porn Star, you are not in Kansas anymore! Horrible Thoughts P. 46
- Deathworld - Guess Clango thinks joining Killbot can help him with the ladies? Strip 268
- Yu+Me - Looks like Fiona's dream brings us past a DS-like setting complete with clowns! Strip #556-557
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Thanatos has apparently spotted Clango somewhere in the crowd off panel! Strip 121

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Penny Arcade - Tycho decides to avoid dating Lil' Sis... by obvious painfull reasons! Strip #85
- I Can't Stop Thinking - Sounds like there ARE things Scott McCloud would like to distance himself from! Strip #187

Rich Stevens cameos/references:
- Something Positive - R. Stevens really knows the way out of the cosplay judges' misery! 02-11-2007
- Real Life - R. Stevens knows how it works... but what works for him doesn't always works for others! 06-08-2008
- Questionable Content - It almost looks like Rich Stevens is looking after the passing Tain and Marten! 07-10-2008

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