Digital War
Digital War

- None recorded

- Rugg - Chicken gives a cameo as "Headless Chicken Running Around in Panic"! 15-10-2004

Digital War cameos/references can be found in:
- The Mansion of E - There's a reason for War being in Sylvester's family portrait gallery! Gueststrip04-08-2004
- Cortland - Silent and grim as usual, War hangs out with the other cameos in the background! 02-09-2004
- The Rules - There's no way that can be War shopping there... no way! Please don't hurt me...! 21-10-2004
- Burgundy Comics, INC - CJ is delivering her finished comics to a bookstore run by... War! 24-01-2005
- Anywhere But Here - What do we have here in the background? A poster for Digital War the movie? 03-02-2005
- Indefensible Positions - It figures that War would represent War in the order of the stars! 25-03-2005
- Darken - War is guarding the city... when he is not making out in the guardhouse that is! 27-06-2005
- Evil Overlords United - The Overlords may find allies in Digital War, but... they will also find War! 15-03-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Is War grinning because he is being watched and know battle will come? 26-06-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- 8:1 - Yeahduff is let loose in the final battle of the storyline! 09-05-2004
- Jamie and Nick - With a "Fork You" expression and tool, Jamie is launched against the enemy! 09-05-2004
- Noggin - A blue bunny dressed for officework? That's Lag going in for an attack! 09-05-2004
- Road from Nowhere - YarpsDat keeps himself a little to the background for the initial attack! 09-05-2004
- Fallen Angels Used Books - Faub is launched into the battle, ready to kick robot-metalbutt! 09-05-2004
- Star Bored - Mr. Bob is running into battle, keeping his natural weapons all too visible! 09-05-2004
- Clique - Hearing that webcomic artists are no good in battle, makes Goobla sad! 12-05-2004
- The Jaded - Phalanx is readying the guns as the armed jeep goes right into the battle! 14-05-2004
- Gunmetal Annie - Armed and ready, Mercury Hat is cheering as she is driving into battle! 14-05-2004
- Michiko Monagatari - Isuki drives the Female Webartist Vehicle of Doom in the climatic battle! 16-05-2004
- Shadow Dragon Executive Force - Jops is for once allowed to play with the biiiiig guns! 21-05-2004
- Dim Bulb Comics - Chaos Cricket looks a little bit surprised when contemplating Rob's comment! 21-05-2004
- Those Destined - BrownEyedCat sure doesn't want to hear more to why Rob's pants are messed up! 21-05-2004
- Kisai Appreciation Site - Kisai the Admin, is ready to do her part of the job, bringing down the enemy! 23-05-2004
- Stalag 99 - Together with Kisai, STrRedWolf plays with the data to bring the manufactory down! 23-05-2004
- Nob the Blob - Guess Vortitcus should feel lucky he was presenting the Cake of Protection! Gueststrip06-08-2004
- McDuffies - Srdjan isn't all too happy about the prospects of the coming battle! 29-08-2004
- Swords are Cool - Armed for longe-range, Brockway is ready to take part in the battle to come! 29-08-2004
- Beyond Reality - Cool and in the frontline, nothing seems to be able to shake Orion behind his glasses! 29-08-2004
- The Foxfire Chronicles - Turnsky is towering in War's frontline, ready to do battle! 29-08-2004
- Spare Change - Warren sees the fun side of his teammate's ballplay! 05-09-2004
- Gaming Guardians - Graveyard Greg is one the Webcomic Artist Cult who wants to assimilate you! 10-06-2005
- Antihero For Hire - In the appearance of Shadehawk, Mark Shallows advertises the powers of artist assimilation! 10-06-2005

Ewan "War" Baird cameos/references:
- Thespiphobia - War must have shown up early to get such a good spot for the show! 13-03-2005
- Angry Monkey - War looks like he'll try to measure of the contestants are stronger than he! 25-02-2005
- Gunmetal Annie - Ewan is seen in the stunning company of Mercury Hat herself! 31-05-2005
- If Then Else - War looks on in the background as samples and sizes are discussed! 21-06-2005
- Burgundy Comics, INC - Enjoying a bath and bikini-clad girls, War finds time for joke-telling! 29-06-2005
- Twice Destined - War finally enters the battle, in the beginning by giving a hand! 04-07-2005
- The Menagerie - War becomes a part of the regular cast in the role of an experienced task force member! 30-07-2005
- Legostar Galactica - War heats up the party by blasting Ensign Red Shirt with his heavy weaponry! 25-08-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Much can be said, but Ewan War IS an imposing sight as the Strongest Force! 28-11-2005

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