Dim Bulb Comics
Dim Bulb Comics

- None recorded

- Schlock Mercenary - Schlock and Ennesby can be spotted wandering the great beyond of Vapor Lock! 25-11-2003
- The Jaded - In Vapor Lock, Cal relaxes and watches TV while weating a The Jaded T-shirt! 30-12-2003
- The Jaded - Juno visits the Crooked Halo comic to say a few things about Boy Bands! 07-01-2004
- No Room for Magic - After a shower, Travis from Vapor Lock wears his No Room for Magic hoodie! 05-02-2004
- Netrek - Vapor Lock: Cal is prepared for No Pants Tuesday, blindfolded and wearing his Netrek shirt! 23-03-2004
- Star Bored - In prehistory Vapor Lock, Young Calvin had his hair high and his Star Bored shirt on! 06-04-2004
- The Jaded - In Crooked Halo, Juno and Jin wait in line outside the bank! 09-06-2004
- The Jaded - Juno and Jin are hired as bodyguards in Crooked Halo... unless they chicken out? 13-10-2004
- Darken - One of the passengers on the plane in Vapor Lock wears a Darken shirt! 06-10-2005
- Megatokyo - Among the many people walking past in Vapor Lock, Miho can be spotted! 01-11-2005

Dim Bulb cameos/references can be found in:
- Swords are Cool - Earl is ready to fight... and he already has an attitude against his opponent! 11-07-2004
- The Menagerie - Dim Bulb has expanded and now also have a shop in the electronic-business! 18-10-2005
- Torio - A poster for the famous Dim Bulb Comics has been put up in the apartment! 21-11-2005

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Mooman Adventures - Mooman the reporter, reports live from the frontline of Vapor Lock! 07-04-2005

Noise Monkey/Chaos Cricket cameos/references:
- Digital War - Chaos Cricket looks a little bit surprised when contemplating Rob's comment! 21-05-2004
- Legostar Galactica - Both Noise Monkey & Chaos Cricket watch the life at the party unfold! 25-08-2005
- The Menagerie - Noise Monkey is the little boy standing outside the TV-shop! 18-10-2005

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