- None recorded

- Gunnerkrigg Court - Mr. Eglamore hangs out at the bar... wonder what he is having? 23-03-2007
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - It's tricky to see at this distance, but I think Aroni has a good hand in cards! 23-03-2007
- Darken - Jill is hanging out in the background at the bar... eyeing any adversaries? 23-03-2007
- Reckless Youth - God seems to have taken the day off and gone out in town to play some cards and have fun! 06-04-2007
- Elf Only Inn - Duke has bidden in on the cards, wondering why the stranger interrupts the game! 06-04-2007
- Tales of Pylea - F'nor hangs out, relaxing a little, talking with the other people in the room! 06-04-2007
- True Magic - Is that really Kiko trying his smooth moves on a lady in the background? 20-04-2007

Dissent cameos/references can be found in:
- Project A.D.A.M. - White seems pretty angry when he joins the masses compaining to the mayor! 10-05-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Just Another Escape - Kirb plays a mean game of poker, keep an eye out for expressions on his opponent! 23-03-2007

Sincerely cameos/references:
- I'm Always Right - Sin knows the facts.. but can she convince Claude that this is indeed Walt? 18-12-2006
- Elf Only Inn - Looks like Claude has made his avatar to game the Marauders of Gaia! 24-01-2007
- Project A.D.A.M. - In the burning cemetary lies Syncereli Aardvarc... doesn't that sound familiar? 09-03-2007

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