Distant Eras
Distant Eras

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- Mad Hat Comics -Aaaaaaw... don't you think Vorticus is one cute Theme Park Mascot? 05-01-2007
- Doppies - What can I say? The rascally Doppies are perfect Theme Park Mascots too! 05-01-2007
- Role of the Die - Going up against Rabid in the Bumper Cars is sheer madness on the highway! 19-01-2007
- Strange Happenings - Looks like Wade has gotten a job as Ghost in the Haunted House of the park! 26-01-2007
- Role of the Die - Hmm... wonder if Role of the Die is a Fantasy or Vegas kind of movie? 05-03-2007
- Reasoned Cognition - Reasoned Cognition must be the newest Evil Science movie in town! 05-03-2007
- Operation Neko - It you want a movie out of the ordinary, watch Operation Neko! 05-03-2007
- Legostar Galactica - Legostar the Movie will be a blockbuster that'll beat the whole Star Wars trilogy! 05-03-2007
- Indefensible Positions - It looks like IP the Movie should be worth a look because of the special effects! 05-03-2007
- Life's a Witch - You want a Family Movie tonight? Go watch Life's a Witch... its worth it! 05-03-2007
- Ugly Girl - We can recommend Ugly Girl, its THE Romantic Movie of the year! 05-03-2007
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - Looks like TTG has finally become the movie we have waited for! 05-03-2007

Distant Eras cameos/references can be found in:
- Role of the Die - There's a certain character in the second panel who has escaped a Distant Era! 10-05-2006

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Role of the Die - Among the few visitors to the movies, we also find none other than Jim! 05-03-2007

Kat Lowery cameos/references:
- Avernyght - Favorite Daul Kat does her best to make a sale whenever customers are in sight! 04-02-2008

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