Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures

- None recorded

- Dragon Tails - So... Dan and Mab are just as plausible as Norman with a grenade? #67
- Dragon Tails - Corlis knows that when you are going to rent a room, its the eggs thats the most importan thing! #84
- Pink's Adventures - Looks like Pink are rooming with Mikelo at the Lost Lake Inn! ... Amber's doing off course! #110
- Tailsteak - How can you concentrate on the explanation when there are so much Tailsteak going on in the background? #113
- Mountain Poutine - It should have been obvious, the queen of H-Ann is none other than... HollyAnn! #145
- Pink's Adventures - Hehe, looks like Pink and Lore have been having their own adventures in the Evil Castle! #146
- Unicorn Jelly - Well, Unicorn Jelly might be a kind of monster, but more loveable than evil! #212
- Dragon Tails - So, summoning Binky gets you artistic talent? Good things come in small packages! #239
- Badly Drawn Kitties - Merlitz hastens down the road, watched by puzzled Lucy and Lydia! #277
- Homestar Runner - Perhaps Amber does not know what happens, but we know the burninating of Trogdor! #309
- WTF Comics - Looks like Khris is one of the people to loose her lunch at Mab's glen! #400
- Code Name: Hunter - Both Max and Ruby enjoys a free cruise on the expense of a evil genius! #453
- Badly Drawn Kitties - Lola is allowed to come with the last sarcastic comment for the 500th strip! #500
- Carpe Diem - Josh wonders what in the heck is going on with Dan over at the changing rooms! #512
- Badly Drawn Kitties - Drawn to the horrifying screams of Dan, Lola looks around wondering! #512
- Vinci and Arty - Looks like Vinci has enrolled in the Cubi Academy, walking the hallways! #555
- Furres For Hire - At one point RJ was in Cubi Academy... and got to read Dan's mind on the way! #555
- Gaming Guardians - Graveyard Greg is used for layout to give some soul-scaring commentary... praise! #563
- Preemptive Retaliation - Bon gives it as the fortune teller who's telling Dan a few things for future use! 12-04-2006
- fLoRiDa - Today Regina has obviously decided to wear her Foxy-branded Shirt! 02-02-2009
- Freefall - Wonder how fond Regina is of her Florence doll? Sitting there on her dressing table...! 12-04-2009
- Alien Dice - Dan and Matilda "relaxe" on the couch, watching the last episode of Alien Dice! 10-04-2011
- Project Future - Jacob approaches the new one at the Cubi Academy, bringing friendship... and flyers! 10-09-2011
- Code Name: Hunter - That movie on the table looks awfully a lot like the secret files of Code Name: Hunter! 26-09-2011
- Las Lindas - Away with all the sugarcoating, this is how Las Lindas COULD have been! 30-09-2011
- Project Future - Not particular impressed, Keaton has witnesses the fight between Dan and the Battle Professor! 20-10-2011
- DHS Comix - Fully ready (?), Dan pass a munching Peony in the hallway! 08-03-2013
- Freefall - Amber is a regular stalker of Freefall hoping to catch the day it stops... good luck! 02-01-2015
- Project Future - Daryil tried to gatecrash Piflak's party, but got thrown out for not being canonical enough! 01-12-2017
- The Eye of Ramalach - Benjamin is really digging the buffet at Piflak's party, trying a bit here and there! 16-12-2017
- Last Res0rt - It definitely looks a lot like the back of Jigsaw's head and ears we spot there in the second panel! 16-12-2017
- CVRPG - Yeah, it gotta be the accent... you can't possibly think those two are disguised Humans, can you? 22-01-2018
- Inhuman - Obviously someone has brought Kammi along for some effective backup! Abel's Story, part 1 #56
- Cats N' Cameras - Both Sari & Jo hang around and have a time in the Cubi lounges! Abel's Story 29-05-2009

DMFA cameos/references can be found in:
- Dragon Tails - One giant Mow-statue is dislodged and comes crashing down! 24-06-2001
- Badly Drawn Kitties - Trying out a new job, Fluffy takes care of the punchline of the strip! 31-10-2003
- Jack - Miss Mab has obviously control and is in command of a PG-13 heaven! MA content warning!29-12-2003
- The KAMics - Wallpaper Wars has been stol... borrowed! Money or your sanity! 04-07-2005
- Code Name: Hunter - Miss Mab and Pip resides at the realm of the fey! 12-09-2005
- The KAMics - The kids from nowhere are dressed up as Wiku Worm & Fluffy! 22-10-2005
- Cross Time Cafe - Those Pygmy Shrews DO show up everywhere... hunting... mauling! 04-03-2006
- Annoyance Factor Nine - Checking webcomics and blogs while having DMFA running on the TV? Nicey! 29-04-2006
- Treasure Hunters - Something seems to have taken Abel as slave and collared him! 05-09-2006
- Treasure Hunters - I'm quite sure Abel feels like he coulds go without Melissa's attention! 15-01-2007
- P.S.I. - Getting Bon live on the communication crystal is... interesting! 26-01-2007
- The Foxfire Chronicles - Well, at least that outfit looked nice on Dan! 03-09-2007
- P.S.I. - The time in the prison of the Overlords is at an end, and DeathBringer is free again! 02-01-2008
- The KAMics - Oolong, the librarian of SAIA keeps an eye on this library, so behave! 13-06-2008
- The Foxfire Chronicles - Rumours have that its Dan and Abel who had the "disclothing" accident... ! 20-10-2008
- Cats N' Cameras - Oh yes, a picture of Rose and family could be really interesting! MA content warning!17-01-2009
- fLoRiDa - Well, there would be SOME difference if DMFA was drawn fLoRiDa-style! 10-02-2009
- Cats N' Cameras - Wonder what part that wellknown cubi-doll played in the last recording? MA content warning!28-02-2009
- Cross Time Cafe - Like Mother like Daughter... a demand of ice cream from DMFA is heard! 11-04-2009
- Madness Manga - First running into Pip, then running into Fluffy... what a day for encounters! 04-05-2009
- The Foxfire Chronicles - Aniz finds out that one kind of "fun" might lead to "pan to the face"-comedy! 20-05-2009
- Hidden Disguises - Looks like Mab has been invited in as a special guest for the banquet! 18-12-2009
- Akaelae - And an unexpected guest arrrives for Quinn... Azlan it is! 14-01-2010
- Freefall - Passing by a window advertisting for a movie with Mab and Pip... why not stop here? 02-04-2010
- Cats N' Cameras - Never before has a Dan-doll been so prominently displayed! There are others, but... ! GueststripMA content warning!01-05-2010
- Beyond the Veil - Looks like a Mow has turned unsuspectedly up among the spectators! 15-10-2010
- Archipelago - One Mow-plushie has found a nesting place among the plushies Clair has in her bed! 13-06-2011
- Project Future - So Dan was the chief suspect for the killing Good thing he turned out innocent then...! 10-08-2010
- At Arm's Length - A press on the wrong button, and Alexi has guests through a dimensional hole in her wall! 16-02-2012
- The KAMics - Shirt on the middle guy says "DMFAvengers"? ... is that that new alternate furry version coming out? 20-04-2012
- Las Lindas - Looks like we have Kria Soulstealer walking around in the background... better beware! 03-01-2013
- Galleon - That looks remarkable like Abel standing there on the balcony at the first floor...? 04-02-2013
- The KAMics - It got to be one of the rare Warp-ACI plushies they got up for show at the convention! 15-12-2013
- Freefall - Pip is among the webcomic characters that have found out they get faster to their comics through Freefall! 01-04-2015
- Inhuman - Koji is dressed up and wriggling his way as Wiku Worm! Comic 83

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Dragon Tails - So, Tim Dawson is on the list of people to be hugged by Mab? Better watch out Tim! #254
- Badly Drawn Kitties - It turns out that Mat was one of the lab-assistants never to be seen again! #363
- Jack - The avatars of Katie (Karma) and David Hopkins (Pepe) are having... fun in the second panel! 18-07-2005
- Gemini Bright - Longtail has her designs on Dan's no-yet-enogh lacking of pants! #626
- Hidden Disguises - Witchiebunny's avatar says it out right... she is a cameo! #634

Amber and Fluffy cameos/references:
- Badly Drawn Kitties - Lucy tries to get back on Amber for turning Lola into a Succubus! 29-04-2005
- Roomies - Amber's suggestion is used to turn the horror of his own early work upon the artist! 11-10-2006
- Tailsteak - The planet Mars gets a new name... and it's in the honour of Amber! Strip 105

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