Doc Rat
Doc Rat

- None recorded

- None recorded

Doc Rat cameos/references can be found in:
- Girl Genius - Doc Rat seems to be taking a relaxing coffee break outside his office! 28-02-2011
- Carry On - Well, I don't think Doc Rat is joking about the diet, but he might need to check his glasses! 20-04-2012
- Carry On - Doc Rat is lucky they don't have a foolish artist when they are nominate for the Ursa Major 2019 Award! 06-03-2020
- Cross Time Cafe - Kathy managed to find the whole Doc(k) Rat collection? Thats a pretty nifty haul! NEOlithic CTC page #134

Jenner cameos/references:
- Carry On - So Koz is wanting them to take out "The Doc Rat Guy"? Jenner should start getting worried! 05-03-2018

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