Dog and Pony
Dog and Pony

- None recorded

- Dominic Deegan - Yes, the huge yellow demon Dirk the Mighty will gladly stop the noise for you! 22-06-2005
- AaaSoC - Little, purple and Fiendish... yes, that's Clampton Dwarf all right! 22-06-2005
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - When you talk about the Devil... Satan IS a kind of fiend, right? 22-06-2005
- Something Positive - Looks like one of Ulf's fellow waterbearers is none other than Jhim's character! 05-04-2006
- Pandimaniacs - Yeah, I think Squiffy would have been a nice addition to the party! 10-01-2007

Dog and Pony cameos/references can be found in:
- Atlantis - For the Halloween special, Shihan is dressed and plays up as D&P-Bard Brighton! 31-10-2005
- Atlantis - Well, perhaps "Dog and Pony" IS too generic for a bar, but its also already taken! 28-07-2006

Caitlin Woods cameos/references:
- AaaSoC - Aki, the tech-girl of the Resistance is none other than D&P's Caitlin Woods! 07-02-2005
- Surviving Mars - Caitlin was a faithfull Ares-1 cop Dr. Daedalus got rid off! 17-08-2005

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