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- None recorded

Doppies cameos/references can be found in:
- Ugly Girl - Looking more cute than scarry, Fatty comes for Halloween as Squiggles! 31-10-2006
- Indefensible Positions - Figures than when a big fight takes place, Doppies makes it an infight! 05-12-2006
- Distant Eras - What can I say? The rascally Doppies are perfect Theme Park Mascots too! 05-01-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Atavism - The painting on the wall is with none other than a rather uncomfortable looking Cope! 29-08-2006

Robin Pierce and Coralie "Cookie" Coelsch cameos/references:
- Cortland - A cute little Doppies Dolly Robin adorns the top of Angie's screen! 09-10-2006
- Strange Happenings - Opening the door at Halloween, shows the two cute doppies Cookie and Robin! 30-10-2006
- Mad Hat Comics - If Robin think many are better than she, where does that leave Vort? Archived locally08-01-2003

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