Dork Tower
Dork Tower

- None recorded

- PvP Online - I don't think any tournament with skull signing up can be considered "normal"! 23-01-2001
- Garfield Minus Garfield - Removing Garfield is a hit, but adding Cthulhu... sorry Igor, not good... ! 22-02-2010
- Legend of Bill - I should be very mistaken if thats not a painting of Bill hanging there in the background? 10-03-2010
- Weregeek - Well, Weregeeks created under the full moon are only dangerous to the local gamestore owner! Gueststrip01-04-2011

Dork Tower cameos/references can be found in:
- Nodwick - The silhouettes in the front row of panel 1 really look like our Dork Tower inhabitants! 01-10-2003
- Yamara - It's true, when the crew sits down to game, there's always room for you at one side of the table! 18-05-2006
- Angels & Aliens - Though half obscured, its definently Ken who's playing some frisbee with the babes! 07-01-2007
- Nodwick - So, a Stuffed Muskrat can turn away Fireballs? That sounds like a job for Carson! 29-09-2008
- Nodwick - Well, even if its a crossover, I hope Carson can jiggle the handle for Nodwick! 24-07-2009
- What's New? - Pickled for pick-up, Carson the Muskrat would actually make a fine animal companion! 23-08-2009
- What's New? - So, Dork Tower survived in the magazine because they caved in to the threats of the Gnomes? 24-01-2010
- Legend of Bill - In the background we see Carson and Igor exiting the legendary Wet Gill McTavern! 08-03-2010
- Weregeek - Friends don't use Cut'n Paste... unless said friends are dorks! Gueststrip23-03-2012
- Legend of Bill - Once again we see Carson and Igor walking nonechelantly around in the background amid the chaos! 21-06-2012
- Intelligent Life - Wonder if somebody can dress up as Igor? So that might BE him at the convention! 06-10-2014
- Intelligent Life - Both Matt and Carson can be see attending the same convention Gwen does! 09-10-2016

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