Double the Soul
Double the Soul

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- Guardian Wings - In the hallway Ethan walks quietly along, talking to the other students! 19-08-2022
- Managister - Helga seems to enjoy the talkings of the fellow student as they walk the hallways! 19-08-2022
- Divine Genesis - Being a student at this school Sarah can off course be spotted in the hallways between classes! 19-08-2022
- Optic - Katsu doesn't look all too pleased with what he sees on the paper. His grades? 19-08-2022
- Divines - Walking quietly by in the hallway we see Zila taking it easy and chilling! 19-08-2022
- Noino: My True Name - Jeremy seems only half awake as he quietly can be spotted in the hallway! 19-08-2022
- Whiteclaw - Leah and Ruby greet each other as they pass in the hallway! 19-08-2022
- Autumn Memories - Luke heads for the door exiting the hallway, lost in a bad mood! 19-08-2022
- Ground Breaking - Most of Gio can be spotted walking through the door! 19-08-2022
- Future Agents - Maddie sits relaxed and leaned back on the bench, talking to her friends! 19-08-2022
- Codename: COLORS - Cayla and Landon come to join their friend at the outdoor table! 19-08-2022
- The Adventures of Redwing - Seen from the back, at the outside table, is what appears to be none other than Keelio! 19-08-2022
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Sora and Aoife just wanted to meet the new guy... and it went as bad as expected! 19-08-2022
- Touch and Go - Noa an Emi walk quietly around and chitchats! 09-09-2022

Double the Soul cameos/references can be found in:
- A Demon's Summoner - Summoning a duo for Zedo is the nicest thing one can do! 10-09-2022
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Looks like Chris left his soul at the doorstep when he joined this gang! 01-12-2022
- No Strings - Ektor walks around preoccupied with his phone and Zedo can be spotted inside the hospital! 03-02-2023

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