Down to Earth
Down to Earth

- None recorded

- None recorded

Down to Earth cameos/references can be found in:
- Joe Average - Okay, when Death hasn't heard about you, you haven't made an impact! 30-08-2000
- Chopping Block - Did Lew serve in the German LuftWaffle along with Butch? 10-10-2000
- Schlock Mercenary - Death may be a tired old metaphor, but when it comes down to earth, he exists! 26-11-2000
- Greystone Inn - Among the crowd we see one of the denizens of hell representing Down to Earth! 28-08-2001
- Schlock Mercenary - Death appears to take an attorney down to a place in hell! 22-09-2001

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Superosity - Keenspot is top entertainment, and Chris Crosby has been quoted for the reason to success! 22-08-2001
- Look What I Brought Home - Scott Kuehner retiring will better the overall quality of keenspot comics? 22-08-2001

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