Dragon Sparking
Dragon Sparking

- None recorded

- None recorded

Dragon Sparking cameos/references can be found in:
- Edible Green Tea - Yes, this Mart definitely has something in store... Rip, OG, Goop, and Ryu-Oh for once! 22-07-2021
- Edible Green Tea - Even out shopping with a full cart Scale-Rend is armed an on guard! 27-07-2021
- Edible Green Tea - The Primordial Leviathan attends the memorial ceremony at the Mart's fish market! 03-08-2021
- Edible Green Tea - Hey, is that a picture of Breaker on that cereal box? 17-08-2021
- Edible Green Tea - In the crowd at the train station we spot both Lion Rip and Bird Rip! 28-10-2021
- Edible Green Tea - Tatsu jumps into action and sends one of the guards flying with a strike! 04-11-2021
- Edible Green Tea - Doro was behind the controls in the train but unable to prevent the crash! 09-11-2021

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