Dresden Codak
Dresden Codak

- None recorded

- A Lesson is Learned... - Kimiko pays a visit to another existance together with David and Dale! 22-10-2006

Dresden Codak cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Fully loaded up with equipment, Harley is Kimoko Ross for Halloween! 31-10-2007
- Questionable Content - Holding tight to her book, Kimiko Ross seems unsecure among the crowd! 27-04-2009
- Penny & Aggie - Oh well, if you have to have girls fighting about you, Kimiko would not be a bad choice! 08-05-2009
- Questionable Content - Hearing Pintsize complaining in chat, Kimiko Roos can't help laughing! 08-06-2009
- Mindmistress - There ARE other people than Dresden Codak fans dreaming about Singularity... not many though! 25-10-2010

Aaron Diaz cameos/references:
- Weregeek - With much interest, Aaron Diaz is surveying the display case with vampire models! 24-11-2008

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