Dr. McNinja
Dr. McNinja

- Axe Cop - Axe Cop presses the comic button and summons Dr McNinja to become his teammate! 26-07-2010

- Dinosaur Comics - T-Rex has a job adverticing for dental hygiene from a poster in the Doctor's office! 07-10-2005
- Shortpacked! - Among the many ninjas at the gathering, we also spot one Mr. Ninja Rick! Gueststrip05-08-2008
- Dinosaur Comics - The intelligent Dinosaur that arises from that pit...? It's the origin of T-Rex!!! 17-09-2010

Dr. McNinja cameos/references can be found in:
- Bunny - First there was Dr. McNinja. Now we also have... Dentist MacNinjaBunny! 03-02-2006
- Edd Egg - Eddie Bowley contemplated something about a ninja who was a doctor but ditched the idea! 12-07-2006
- Shortpacked! - No matter what, Dr. McNinja is counted as a real Ninja in the Ninja Mall! 31-08-2006
- Overcompensating - Jeffrey shows Dr. McNinja how a real cool life-saving treatment should be done! Gueststrip20-08-2007
- Plugged Nickel - Irving has come for Halloween in the full uniform of Dr. McNinja! 31-10-2006
- Flaky Pastry - Our friendly Neighbour walks the streets as Dr. McNinja this Halloween! 31-10-2007
- David's Oekaki Artworks - With Dr. McNinja as your personal doctor, prescription for love is kicked in! 14-02-2008
- I Was Kidnapped By... - So you didn't know Dr. McNinja was a Gay Pirate from Mars? Shame on you! 11-03-2008
- And Shine Heaven Now - Hellsing get their blessed bullets the same way the McNinjas get them apparently! Gueststrip19-03-2008
- Flat Feet & High Heels - Dr. McNinja would have made a good serial-killer... it's the coat that does it! 12-09-2008
- Least I Could Do - The view through Rayne's window is taken straight from Dr. McNinja on adventures! 27-03-2009
- Least I Could Do - Having spotted another martial arts opponent, Dr. McNinja jumps to attack! 10-04-2009
- BffSatan - If you are coming from the future to prevent things, Dr. McNinja is not the worst backup! 01-04-2009
- The Crossoverlord - ! Allways the Doctor, McNinja comes about to show his proper respect at this occasion! 11-08-2009
- Upheaval - Who knows what got Jayson and BJ to dress up as Dr. McNinja and Gordito for Halloween...! 29-10-2009
- The Inexp. Adv. of Bob! - A Crossover Fanfic involving Sherlock Holmes and Dr. McNinja can only be awesome! 15-02-2011
- Girl Genius - Dr. McNinja has his secret office located in room #905 in the hospital hallway! 28-02-2011
- Mindmistress - Yes, what else can you want from a webcomic that... Dr. McNinja! 01-04-2011
- Fans! - Slicing through, Dr. McNinja strikes hard on the side of Aegis against the Cuckoos! 29-11-2011
- Fans! - Bellhop pulls the best trick on Dr. McNinja... by getting him away from the fight for good! 15-03-2012
- The Inexp. Adv. of Bob! - Well, if you wanted the BEST Ninjas, then you should have stayed in Cumberland! 03-04-2012
- Thor's Thundershack - Dr. McNinja takes part in the epic unsuspected party set in motion by the summoned Party Troll! 03-05-2015
- The Whiteboard - Dr. McNinja walks up to the bar at Howie's and orders a Whiskey Sour? 11-07-2016
- The Whiteboard - Even a royal needs time off, and King Radical spends it at the Halloween Party hosted by The Whiteboard! 31-10-2016
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Dr. McNinja looks down from the ceiling to see what the cry for celebration is about! Strip 737
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Looks like Dr. McNinja was in the apartment blown up to celebrate 8 years of BTC! Strip 793
- Diesel Sweeties - On Halloween Zoha is like everyone else... a Ninja! Dr. McNinja approves! Strip #2133
- Hookie Dookie Panic! - A Dr. McNinja cosplayer looks surprised at the local showdown at Otakon! Strip #112

Christopher "Chris" Hastings cameos/references:
- Overcompensating - Chris Hastings, aka Kyle Macninja awaits Jeffrey Rowland and crew! 17-08-2007
- Overcompensating - Dr. Hastings does NOT want to try waterboarding, even though the government says its fun! 08-11-2007
- Geist Panik! - Death caugh up with Chris Hastings, now he lies in this ancient cemetary! Strip 051

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