Due East
Due East

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- The Devon Legacy - Sona and Jenny seems pretty surprised of what happened in the tennis court! 19-03-2008
- Morphic - Nicodemus looks in horror at the damage done by Carolyns rage! 19-03-2008
- Salt the Holly - Daisy rushes in to see what has happened when Carolyn went berserk! 19-03-2008
- Used Books - Both Alex, Kaida and Seiko was present after the Tennis Court Showdown! 19-03-2008
- Cricket's Creature - Cricket shows up to see Gina's due payback after having enraged Carolyn! 19-03-2008
- Aurora of the High Seas - After the fight is over, Aurora shows up to see what the ruckus is about! 19-03-2008
- Naive - Joe seems to walk around a litlle aimlessly, now knowing what to do! 19-03-2008
- Rumbles - While there's a call for 911, Vakanai inspects the damage done to Gina! 19-03-2008
- Daughter Of A God - Our very own lead character is spotted in the battlefield of the tennis court! 19-03-2008
- Times Like This - Cassie too is hanging around in the food court... wonder if she too got a Smoothie? 30-09-2008

Due East cameos/references can be found in:
- The Devon Legacy - Deon Maye makes a good bartender, keeping an eye on the news while he works! 03-12-2007
- The Devon Legacy - Brielle and Sapphira Hu have grabbed their mask and stuff and are making a run for it! 08-12-2007
- The Devon Legacy - Buildings fall apart as the city is flooded, and Lindsay is in the middle of it! 13-12-2007
- Salt the Holly - Both Doug and Crystal are visiting the museum, even meeting the natives! 29-05-2008
- Times Like This - Due East is one of the webomics Bethany like because of its novelike format! 21-11-2008
- Far Out There - Left side of the desk, Lindsay seems to wonder what really goes on with these people? 06-03-2009
- Far Out There - Douglas Hu has taken up a position behind the desk at the Convention for Mad Scientists! 13-03-2009
- The Devon Legacy - Brielle helps manning the controls, keeping an eye on the happenings! 20-08-2013
- The Devon Legacy - Both Doug and Brielle thought they should have a night out, instead they are massing in the subway station! 07-04-2015

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