Dueling Analogs
Dueling Analogs

- None recorded

- Bored & Evil - While updating his lists of Video Game Truths, Harvey is wearing a shirt featuring Jake! 07-06-2006
- Little Gamers - It's amazing how much enlightening message can be fitted into a Little Gamers doll! 19-06-2006
- Comet 7 - Harvey's shirt sports none other than Steve! 12-07-2006
- Penny Arcade -The tape shows that lots of words can be used to tell what PA tells you directly! 28-08-2006
- Order of the Stick - Roleplaying in Dueling Analogs becomes very interesting with Order of the Stick! 18-10-2006
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Yes, we saw what she said about CAD... but it is true?! 26-10-2006
- Homestar Runner - Just another awesome day in the life of Strongbad and Homestar Runner! 31-10-2006
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Sometimes CAD-bashing helps... sometimes its just overrated and pathetic! 11-02-2008
- 8-Bit Theater - Not every spritecomic can be like 8-Bit... there can only be one 8-Bit! 11-02-2008

Dueling Analogs cameos/references can be found in:
- Carbon and Space - Is Dueling Analogs an over-night success? Well, the artist of C&S think so! 16-03-2009
- The Space Between - Harvey is cleaning up a window, we don't want to know from what, in the background! 28-07-2010

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