Dumbing of Age
Dumbing og Age

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- Questionable Content - Looks like the whole of Faye's family has turned up at her college on Parent's Day! 01-08-2013

Dumbing of Age cameos/references can be found in:
- Living With Insanity - Amazigirl is immune ot Critism, and Faz is immune to ... common sense! 15-02-2011
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Hardcore Biker Sal (or one dressed as her?) walks by in the background of the party ! 01-08-2011
- Something Positive - Joyce seems to have made a deal with God, and in the future she will work at Nerderotics! 29-09-2011
- Between Failures - Carol must really have done something to get booted from the Dorms by BOTH Joyce and Sarah! 15-07-2013
- Woody After Hours - Much can be said about Ruth's appearance at WAH, but it didn't go unnoticed at home! 22-12-2014
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Looks like Joel had been reading DOA on his tablet before they started talking! 13-02-2015
- Zombie Roomie - Looks like Zoey has been visiting the Museum Gift Shop and gotten Dina's trademark hat! 06-10-2015
- Wonderland Hates You - Danny & Ethan shopping as a sorta couple really sets off the romantic sense of the Brothers! 14-03-2016
- Questionable Content - You can't talk about dinosaurs without summoning Dina... she's a clever girl! 17-06-2018
- Girl Genius - Being a "Clever Girl", its no wonder Spark Dina is all about her own creation, the Giant Dinosauria! 31-10-2018
- Something Positive - Not surprisingly to see a funeral for Mike, but to find out that someone, other than readers, misses him!? 27-01-2020

David Willis cameos/references:
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Amazing how David Willis can manage to have Joel "Let it go" as soon as they meet! 10-02-2014

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