Now known as Earthbound Exodus

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Earthbound cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - So Silas is betting on whether an author will quit or not? 04-04-2005
- Nothing Special - Silas arrives to pay his immortal respect to a great comic with Zoe at his side! 16-05-2005
- Life & Death - Azrael & Silas arrive per invite to join Steve's party for an extended stay! 22-08-2005
- Mijime Da - An Azreal Holloween costume as he appeared in his cameo in Life & Death! Archived locally28-10-2005
- Life & Death - Once again Azrael finds himself at an infamous celebrations... this time for 200 strips! 10-04-2006
- Life & Death - Silas & Azrael is the rocking angels whose music Steve and Bobby shuffles to! Gueststrip18-06-2006
- Magick - When there's a 100th strip celebration, off course Silas will be around! 17-08-2006
- Life & Death - Old friends, Azriel and Silas, are off course obligatory for the 300 strip party! 11-12-2006
- Evil Overlords United - The EO's obviously have quite an interest in watching Earthbound! 09-04-2007
- Life & Death - As the legendary Death that he is, will Azriel go for the job as Assistant Reaper? 25-05-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Azriel of Earthbound is off course one the Evil Overlords wants to watch! 03-08-2007
- Life & Death - Winged Azriel makes quite an impressive figure at the 400 strip party! 12-08-2007
- Life & Death - There wouldn't be a 500 strip celebration party without Azriel showing up! 02-04-2008
- Life & Death - Whenever Steve throws a party, Azriel is one of the first to show up! 01-12-2008
- Life & Death - Looks like Azriel has let loose and donned a relaxing outfit for the poolside party! 05-08-2009
- Life & Death - Azriel is an old friend from way back, so off course he comes to celebrate 800 strips! 19-04-2010
- Life & Death - A steady guest, Azriel is at the 900 strip party... much to Sally's delight! 06-01-2011
- Life & Death - No celebrational strip party without Azriel showing up, especially not when its 1000 strips! 19-09-2011
- Life & Death - Even with Steve not around, it would be impossible to hold a celebrational party without Azriel! 19-06-2012

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Ever Hollow - For a filler Wazaga has her dreams come true when she gets hugable with Arrik! 05-04-2006

Zoe Stead cameos/references:
- The KAMics - Hmm.... KAM can obviously count Zoe among his 11 readers! 26-11-2004
- Nothing Special - Zoe arrives for the celebration of a comics ending, escorted by Silas! 16-05-2005
- Life & Death - Zoe gets her Dark-Overlord-Gram... and brings fear to the party later on! Gueststrip06-01-2006

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