Eerie Cuties
Eerie Cuties

- Magick Chicks - In his (hers?) fight to get Layla back, Kade calls in some "help" from Melissa! 16-11-2011

- Go Get a Roomie! - With added chocolate, Roomie just got even more edible! Gueststrip25-10-2010
- Paranormal Mystery Squad - A two-strip view into the connected past of Layla, Stephanie and friends!! 01-08-2011
- Pilli Adventure - Paco and Blair join forc...ehh, fights over the spoils of the latest panty-raid! Gueststrip22-11-2011

Eerie Cuties cameos/references can be found in:
- Menage 3 - Figures that Blair should find his way into this great hot moment of Zii history! 26-11-2009
- Menage 3 - Nina is happily handing around at the tea-party, but obviously Gave is not in the mood for anything! 24-12-2009
- Menage 3 - Kiley likes the Nina body pillow... and Gary so much that he buys it at the convention ! 18-02-2012
- Shadow Root Academy - That's a sweet Eerie Cuties night-shirt she got there to cover herself up with! MA content warning! 23-02-2012
- Menage 3 - Hey! It looks like we even got a Layla-cosplayer around at the convention! 01-03-2012
- Paranormal Mystery Squad - Looks like Layla, through their hairpin connection, feels what has happened to Stephanie! 14-05-2012
- Vampire Cheerleaders - When Stephanie needs an expert on Vampires, who else to call than Layla's mum Maria Delacroix! 28-09-2012
- Fragile - Nina takes a bitter bit in order to advertise for the upcoming Eerie Cuties Vol. 2! 05-12-2012
- The Black Princess - Ace has shown among the spectators to this high-spirited Basketball game! 09-12-2004

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