El Goonish Shive
El Goonish Shive

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- Bruno the Bandit - Bruno is representing Ian McDonald in offering a guest strip! 19-07-2004
- Clan of the Cats - On behalf of Jamie Robertson, Sebo appears to offer a guest strip! 19-07-2004
- Alien Dice - Tiffany Ross has sent one of her characters to offer a guest strip! 19-07-2004
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Dave learns an interesting tidbit about Tedd's glasses... and his relationship with Grace! Gueststrip26-07-2004
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Roger in his Werewolf for finds out the dangers about crossover-fleas! Gueststrip28-07-2004
- Clan of the Cats - Sebastian finds out that among felines, and werecreatures, fleas are the common denominator! Gueststrip28-07-2004
- Bruno the Bandit - Ellen learns that hotness comes with a prize.. and reading Bruno the Bandit too! Gueststrip30-07-2004
- Homestar Runner - When he is checking mail, just call him.... Strong Minion! 03-02-2005
- Starslip Crisis - In the crowd at the convention, we can spot a person cosplaying as Vanderbeam! 27-07-2006
- Melonpool - Susan is probably right about the weirdoes... but what about puppet-weirdos? 08-08-2006
- Sporkman - And from out of the blue comes the savior of mankind, SPORKMAN... the puppet! 29-08-2006
- Nukees - One thing Gav knows for sure... should he suddenly turn woman, Dan Shive is to blame! Gueststrip11-10-2006
- Funny Farm - Sounds like Mewn has nothing against being woman... and looking like Nermal! Gueststrip11-10-2006
- Basil Flint, P.I - You're right Flint! You turning into a woman is really worth investigating! Gueststrip11-10-2006
- Mad About U - Tedd is thinking of joining Mad U... and is shopping along with the cast! Gueststrip18-10-2006
- xkcd - Grace has taken to give the explanation with graphs... xkcd style! 31-03-2009
- Penny Arcade - Well, if Nanase copied the hairstyle of the Tycho, it wouldn't be all that bad! 23-04-2009
- Superosity - There's only one Keenspot can send to a haunted school to retrieve books... Chris! 24-11-2009
- Sporkman - Elliot and Susan gets to give their first online review on Sporkman the Movie! 11-01-2013

El Goonish Shive cameos/references can be found in:
- The Wotch - So Ivan's cousin thinks there's something weird in Moperville? No kidding? 03-01-2003
- The Wotch - Looks like some people are for strange relationships! The grafitti says Tedd+Grace! 25-02-2003
- Don't be Afraid... - Looks like one of those standing in line to see the Cat Girl is none other than Tedd! 28-05-2003
- From Then On Forth - Yep, the TF-gun always does the job! Too bad it's only a filler...! 17-10-2003
- The Wotch - A cute little sketch of Grace adorns the filler of the day! 13-11-2003
- The Wotch - The Uryuoms came for brain, but ended up gluing Anne down for weeks! Gueststrip21-01-2004
- Golden Age of Adventurers - Anya well-stocked bookstore will have an issue of Cat Chicks Magazine! 22-04-2004
- Triquetra Cats - The Fairy Doll of Nanase is in the family of harnessers of nature and magic! 16-06-2004
- Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan - As a special feature, part of this flashback will be shown in EGS-style! 25-10-2004
- Cheshire Grin - Breaking out in Shives... Now THATS a nice new one for ones vocabulary! 10-12-2004
- Melonpool - An Uryuom appears to be working for Lord Fauntleroy! 03-03-2005
- General Protection Fault - Fooker and Fred visits the laboratories, and pass Dr. Germahn and Amanda! 20-03-2005
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Gender-swapping, fourth-wall breaking... a typical EGS-like filler! 10-07-2005
- From Then On Forth - Sounds like Ellen still has to see a Therapist outside the pages of EGS! Gueststrip29-08-2005
- Get Medieval - Eleanor is looking all cute and fairy as the Fairy Doll of Nanase! 31-10-2005
- Awfully Generic - No, Rhoda didn't wear an eyepatch.. it's just a Halloween-costume precaution! 03-11-2005
- General Protection Fault - Fred guides Nick as he enters EGS... with a Grace sleeping in his lap! Gueststrip16-11-2005
- The Wotch: Cheer - Filler-Tselsebar touches the magic gem... and expanded EGS-effects occurs! Gueststrip14-01-2006
- Awfully Generic - Well, I guess that poster STARTED out with the owl... and THEN it went weird! 19-01-2006
- Pokemon X - Okay, not all distractions are caused my Demonic Ducks! 27-02-2006
- Awfully Generic - A Demonic Duck in the desert is something that COULD be a hallucination! Gueststrip02-03-2006
- The Featureless Plane - Justin is dragged into the Featureless Plane for a purpose only Aebliss knows! 19-03-2006
- Mad About U. - No doubt about Amanda the lab assistant belonging to the Babes of Science! 01-11-2006
- SailorSun.org - Looks like the Demonic Duck has the habit of passing through the set of the Wotch! 31-12-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Ellen is watching the doll, and in turn being watched by the Evil Overlords! 08-03-2007
- CameoComic - Yes, the readers ot EGS are called Bunnies... and they are also on the warpath! 20-04-2007
- The Wotch - Tedd reflected in the veil between realms show the reflection of Lord Tedd! Gueststrip06-05-2007
- Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan - Oh yes, they are totally not in Moperville.. TotallyNotMoperville is the place to be! 17-05-2007
- Sharing a Universe - Ohmy, it looks like they are sneaking into Tedd's backyard and stealing the statue there!? 18-05-2007
- Evil Overlords United - The Tedd-droid was rejected? Why? It could have been awesome! 23-05-2007
- Wright as Rayne - So the "Impaler Theory" is based on an old internet comic? Interesting...! 25-06-2007
- The Wotch - The EGS/The Wotch unofficial non-canon fanmade one-way crossover! Gueststrip05-08-2007
- The Wotch - What? "Plan P" didn't work? And with help from the Grace-puppet even!? 09-09-2008
- For Your Eyes Only - Tedd playing around as a girl makes Grace try and do fanservice stuff! 15-10-2008
- A Skewed Paradise - The chase is on, and it goes right past a startled Grace and Tedd! 17-10-2008
- Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. - Most of the main EGS-crew are here to celebrate 25 years of Ninja Turtles, and they didn't need a raygun! 23-04-2009
- The Good Witch - Tedd seems to frequent the same school as Angela... sharing cafeteria at least! 15-03-2010
- Golden Age of Adventurers - For 1st of April, Ciria gets the honor of being drawing in EGS-style! 01-04-2010
- Spoofy Randomness - Percy has to borrow some EGS art to explain that he is NOT Tedd... for good and bad! 13-10-2010
- The Fan - This Halloween, Adel is dressed up as none other than Grace! 01-11-2010
- I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle - In order to prove she is a genie, Jeanie goes about summoning... Grace! 20-03-2011
- Grrl Power - Dabbler is going to host something similar to EGS' Q&A... but she is off to a bad start! 28-11-2011
- The Wotch - Anne's Storm of Rage hits many worlds, also the world where Tedd and Grace watch it! 20-02-2012
- Angels & Aliens - Second panel brings forth the style of EGS and a picture on the wall with Sarah! 01-04-2012
- Spoofy Randomness - Reading El Goonish Shive MIGHT influence your ideas on cloning... but thats the least it does! 22-09-2013
- Everyday Heroes - Gillian IS a Human... despite what they boys might think, her shirt says it so! 28-04-2014
- The Black Princess - Tedd has a place among the spectators to the Basketball Game! 09-12-2004
- The Black Princess - One of the Militant Masked Marauders very strongly resembles Susan? And the prisoner Ellen? 13-01-2015
- Zebra Girl - You can definitely say there have been couple of monster parties in Moperville... great parties! 23-02-2018
- Spoofy Randomness - Representing EGS in celebrating SP's 10 years and still going, is none other than Tedd! 01-09-2019
- Tailsteak - Even in ancient time, the Owl commanded you to READ! Strip 92
- House of Cards - "Do it, or the owl will eat you!" Now, THATS a threat if any! #11

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Zebra Girl - Joe England's bunny avatar appears to offer a guest strip! 19-07-2004
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Maritza Campos herself makes a cameo in order to offer a guest strip! 19-07-2004
- Nukees - Darren Bleuel gives it as a disgruntled Physics teacher! 19-04-2005
- Basil Flint, P.I - Sarah discovers John Troutman at the Con, and perhaps he can be her detective! 12-08-2006
- Mad About U - From out of the blue, The Teague strikes to deliver the hats most needed! 19-08-2006
- Lit Brick - You feel different John? Well, try to look at your chest when you have your hand out of the puppet! 04-04-2012

Dan Shive cameos/references:
- I'm Always Right - Over and Comic-Con 2006's Keenspot Booth, Aaron was greated by Dan Shive! 21-07-2006
- Lit Brick - Dan is Dan, no doubt about it, so don't put up your hopes for some guest strips from him! 21-10-2011
- Lit Brick - After these guest strips, Dan was forced to admit he hadn't read much Gatsby! Gueststrip24-10-2011

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