Elmer the Eccentric
Elmer the Eccentric

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- Consolers - At the table in the back we find Microsoft and Rare having their own antics! 19-12-2014
- Xibalba - Is that Dara we have seated there at the table in the back? 19-12-2014
- College Munchies - Both Greasy, Ra and Dude are placed at a background table, getting their lunch! 02-01-2015
- Autumn Bay - The Unwanted, Johnny, Ghoul, Midnight and Yuri can be seen handing out at the table in the background! 02-01-2015
- Planet Chaser - After the weapon-grade burf from Zephy, Celeste covers in fear in the remains of the foodcourt! 13-02-2015
- Xibalba - Teo sure knows when to beat a hasty retreat... when there's shopping to be done! 20-02-2015
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - James has lived long enough with Charlotte to know to run when there's shopping coming! 20-02-2015
- Autumn Bay - One thing can scare away both Nesariel and Agent Johnson... the threat of shopping! 20-02-2015
- College Munchies - Dude might be tough, but the threat of going shopping is too much even for him! 20-02-2015
- The Barrow Hill - Martin knows when to beat a hasty retreat... when there's shopping in the horizon! 20-02-2015
- Overload - Nimbus knows not to stay around when a girl asks for help going shopping! 20-02-2015
- Consolers - Microsoft is okay with shopping software, but THIS makes him beat a hasty retreat! 20-02-2015
- Armless Amy - Is that a poster for Armless Amy the movie we can see there on the wall? 20-04-2015
- Miss J. and Jen - Both miss. J and Jen can bes spotted walking the maill today! 20-04-2015
- Xibalba - Gary seems to be pretty angry here at the amll, wonder why? 20-04-2015
- Super Chibi Girl - Looks like Allison is taking her time in the mall.. with quite a temper? 20-04-2015

Elmer the Eccentric cameos/references can be found in:
- Autumn Bay - The life and day of Elmer is carefully recorded on Dr. Deacon's screens! Archived locally03-11-2014

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