E Motel
E Motel

- None recorded

- Unicorn Jelly - A character based on a Gryrnese woman gets a start in a major role here! 08-09-2002
- Unicorn Jelly - Uni-Chan is hiding out in the bushes.. even when there's a Barbeque going on! 21-06-2003
- Schlock Mercenary - Captain Schlock can be spotted in the background at the Barbeque! 27-06-2003
- Elf Life - Baughb appears on TV, advertising for Trollco cookies! 20-09-2003
- Lizard - Just behind Stu we see a Lizard-like being! 24-10-2003
- Freefall - Sam Starfall pops his head and eyes out among the other guests at the party! 24-10-2003
- S.S.D.D - Norman Gates, anarchy and all, is also a costume at the Halloween party! 24-10-2003
- The Hotel Fred - Fred the Clown seems to enjoy himself at the party for Halloween! 31-10-2003

E Motel cameos/references can be found in:
- Closetspace - Greg seems to be relaxed and enjoying the show! Strip 44

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