Epic Fail
Epic Fail

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- A Mad Tea Party - Standing in the crowd to cheer on the heroes we find both Matilda and Constance! 17-03-2009
- Maskerman - The Whizz is showing up in the crowd who are showering the heroes with appreciation! 17-03-2009
- Recombobulated - Alfonso the Paladin can be seen among the many people making up the crowd! 17-03-2009
- Karmic Debt - Keith has found himself a spot among the crowd cheering the heroes on stage! 17-03-2009
- The War of Winds - Talon can be spotted and Vrin can party be spotted among the crowd! 17-03-2009
- The Best of What's Left - A crowd has gathered to cheer on the heroes, and Future Paladin is in it! 17-03-2009
- Spying with Lana - Lana has taken some time off from the spy-business to do crowd-duty! 17-03-2009
- Galaxion - Wearing her trademark hat and wicked grin, Patty can is easily spotted among the crowd! 17-03-2009
- Sunset Grill - Among all the people making up the crowd at the stage we find Lena! 17-03-2009
- Atomic Elements - Haylus and Jaze have managed to get a spot among the people cheering the heroes! 17-03-2009
- Between Places - If you look among the people in the cheering crowd you will spot Gabriel and Falahil ! 17-03-2009
- Children of the Tiger - Both Kishandren and Kinrou has made it to the center to cheer on the heroes! 17-03-2009
- Life's a Witch - Not a crowd without witches, and this one has both Zelda and Louise! 17-03-2009
- Dungeon Legacy - Nogi has managed to appear in this enthusiastic cheering crowd! 17-03-2009
- Amazoness - Both Hippolyte and Cyrene strike out among the cheering crowd! 17-03-2009

Epic Fail cameos/references can be found in:
- Between Places - Special Soldier Martin embraces Lareli, preparing to protect against anything that might happen! 08-02-2009
- The Apple of Discord - Martin and Amuletts is offered a reward to tackle the archer... if they dare give it a try! 27-03-2009
- Callous - Looks like the new version of Epic Fail the Movie can be found on the top shelf in the videostore! 21-02-2011

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