Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes

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- The Wotch - Wotch-effect! Better ka-run Nr. Mighty, its the Ka-Alarm you are hearing! 08-07-2007
- Narbonic - Mel in an elevator at SAVEUS? What chaos can she create among superheroes? 14-07-2007
- Narbonic - Yep, she's been there and done that... and she got the Narbonic T-shirt to prove it! 11-06-2008
- Narbonic - One mad scientist and her minions... yep, there's Helen and the whole crew! 27-06-2008
- Girly - Quite by accident Jane got at Girly-themed shirt... in a way she obviously didn't like! 23-08-2008
- Octopus Pie - Hanna and Eve walk by outside the Arcade, engaged in conversation! 23-10-2009
- Gunnerkrigg Court - Just having gotten icecreams, Kat and Antimony looks more or less satisfied! 23-10-2009
- Li'l Mell - Don't know what Li'l Mell has spotted, but Sergio is dragged along as usual! 23-10-2009
- Questionable Content - If you look closer at the kid's shirt, you will see a childsized QC "Math is Delicious" shirt! 23-10-2009
- Girls with Slingshots - One giant McPedro-figure stands on the desk in the Arcade, grinning... as usual! 23-10-2009
- Narbonic - Baristas know when to pick the first who asks about the job... as do Caliban when when things are busy! 10-07-2010
- Questionable Content - Looks like a crew who's used to serve, are the ones getting served coffee this time! 10-07-2010
- Skin Horse - Looks like the Italian Silverfish has take a leave of vacation on the wall of the local bathroom! 21-08-2010
- xkcd - Looks like Black Hat Guy has been doing some grafitti... and become grafitti himself! 21-08-2010
- The Inexp. Adv. of Bob! - Sounds like Summers has been following Roofus the Roof-Repairing Robot lately! 28-08-2010
- 1/0 - Amazing how many cousins from Portland, Oregon who comes to the Bar Mitzvah!? Like the 1/0 chance! 18-02-2012
- xkcd - Looks like the famous "Stick Man Don Quixote" has been added to the museum's collection! 23-06-2012
- Narbonic - Bringing Lawyer Kelly into the conflict is like adding a nuke to a fight in a sandbox! 20-03-2013
- Jenny Everywhere - Nothing bizarre in this coffee-shop, just Jenny getting her drink and shifting out...! 06-07-2013
- Gunnerkrigg Court - Behind Uma's head we spot a painting depicting a fanart for Gunnerkrigg Court! 06-07-2013
- Leftover Soup - One of the paintings in a background is a Leftover Soup homage to this strip ! 06-07-2013
- Questionable Content - Sounds like Summer tasted the same Rainbows of Flavour that Angus once experienced! 10-07-2013
- Girl Genius - The "Golden Light Streaming Over Mountains" is exactly what Vanamonde von Mekkahn felt it like! 10-07-2013
- Narbonic - Nobody brews Evil Coffee like the one found in Narbonics Labs ! 10-07-2013
- Girl Genius - The mysterious dressmaker seems to have a Girl Genius poster on her wall! 04-04-2014
- Monstar - Flaccid has just about chosen the costume ensuring the can be left in peace by the guys! 28-04-2014
- The Inexp. Adv. of Bob! - Molly has it easy... she can be naked all the time without trouble! 28-04-2014
- Endtown - It must be the ring she wears that keeps the guys off Gustine in this case! 28-04-2014
- El Goonish Shive - Gillian IS a Human... despite what they boys might think, her shirt says it so! 28-04-2014
- Freefall - Don't stare so much boys, Florence is one of the girls with most sense build into her! 28-04-2014
- Skin Horse - Look behind the costu.. ehh, fur boys, Sweetheart is a great gal! 28-04-2014
- Selkie - Yes you are a pretty one Selkie! I dare the boys say otherwise! 28-04-2014
- Girl Genius - Nope, nobody dressed up as Agatha Heterodyne can be considered strange... or bizarre! 28-04-2014

Everyday Heroes cameos/references can be found in:
- The Inexp. Adv. of Bob! - The Generictown Herald reports on the latest exploits of the humble Mr. Mighty! 11-01-2011

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