Everyday Stuff
Everyday Stuff

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- Impy & Aevy - Both Impy & Aevy are standing in front of Dave & Andrew in the queue! 07-04-2006
- Labgoats - Laura & Del has placed themselves in the queue... but who knows for what? 07-04-2006
- The Detective Project - Wonder if Rich Smithl is in the queue for a clue? 07-04-2006
- Count Your Sheep - Wonder if Laurie has any idea of why she is standing in the queue? 07-04-2006
- Fight, Cast or Evade - Stilwell looks not so happy about being in a queue that's so long! 07-04-2006
- Bob the Angry Flower - Bob looks real pissed about being held up in a mile-long queue! 07-04-2006
- Filthy Lies - You can say that looks more than angry Damien about being in queue! 07-04-2006
- Mad About U - It's difficult to see what Francis is thinking, but being in queue he is! 07-04-2006
- Melonpool - Waiting in the queue, Ralph is wearing a sly mysterious smile! 07-04-2006
- Penny Arcade - Even if he is waiting in a long queue, Gabe is taking it with ease! 07-04-2006
- PvP Online - Wonder what Brent Sienna is doing in the queue? Wonder it HE knows? 07-04-2006
- Superosity - It's not easy to see it's Bobby in the queue... but it is him from the back! 07-04-2006
- Questionable Content - Pintsize has put himself in line for... whatever is at the end of the queue! 07-04-2006
- VG Cats - Dr. Hobo walks along with the line forming the queue to... something! 07-04-2006

Everyday Stuff cameos/references can be found in:
- Impy & Aevy - Looks like the great Hasbeen computer also keeps an eye on Dave and Andew! 05-04-2006

David "Atomicvegetable" Flodine cameos/references:
- Impy & Aevy - So the box has contained Atomic Vegetables? Does that include a David Flodine? 22-09-2006

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