Evil Inc.
Evil Inc.

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- Greystone Inn - When Sam has to set up a daycare for Evil Inc, she starts calling old friends... Mel first! 28-08-2006
- PvP Online - Board meetings are tough stuff, and Scratch is attending with his killing board! 16-10-2006
- PvP Online - Wonder what the employees would say if they knew the boss read PVP at work? 07-07-2008
- Penny Arcade - Captain Heroic may have lost his "mii"... but something has turned up at PA! 13-02-2009
- PvP Online - For an appetite-spoiling trip with Granddad, Oscar is wearing his new Skull-shirt! 04-06-2012
- PvP Online - Looks like Oscar has his Skull-doll sitting on the shelf above his bed! 31-12-2012
- Greystone Inn - So this Interdimensional Flux brought forth the horrow known as Argus the Gargoyle? :o 08-10-2015
- Sheldon - Agreed, the gargoyle to be found at SheldonCorp is more... laugh-conducive! 03-06-2020
- Blooming Faeries - Lightning Ladies wakes up in... a Blooming Faeries nightshirt Flashback had lying around? 06-07-2021

Evil Inc. cameos/references can be found in:
- Courting Disaster - Captain Heroic seems to be riding the same bus as the odd unavailable couple! 31-03-2006
- Magick - But how can you be evil when Evil Inc. has already been copyrigthed? 30-06-2006
- Suburban Jungle - A little sketch in the sketchbook from Comic-Con shows us Dr. Haynus! Gueststrip19-08-2006
- Plugged Nickel - You must admit that Vanilla is filling out the costume of Miss Match pretty well! 31-10-2006
- Mad About U - On the benches, watching the Doomsday Ball Championship, we find Doctor Muskiday! 08-12-2006
- Sinfest - Looks like the Devil has made his headquarters in a remarkable familiar building! 11-03-2007
- AntiBunny - As extended cameo from some of the Evil Inc. crew as the encounter Nailbat! 26-05-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Lightning Lady joins the fray on the side of the Evil Overlords... but facing off against young Thor? 14-09-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Looks like Lightning Lady is still hanging out with the rest of the EO's from time to time! 06-12-2008
- The Mighty Tubularman - Though acting innocent, Dr. Anheuser is having secret talks with Evil Atom! 17-12-2008
- Least I Could Do - Panel 3 window suddenly opens into the happy atmosphere Evil Inc. provides! 28-03-2009
- Least I Could Do - Keeping to the outskirts of the battle, Dr. Haynes surveys the happenings! 11-04-2009
- Misfits of Mischief - The parallel universe version of Captain Heroic lost in Limbo? Interesting...! 07-09-2009
- SailorSun.org - Getting Honey at the Reception in Evil Inc. may be a little... counterproductive! 09-09-2009
- Capes-N-Babes - Yep, life will be Dull & Boring again... right until Evil Atom catches up with the plane! 09-09-2009
- Times Like This - One gawking kid has chosen to show up at the house dressed as Wingman! 29-10-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Full universal blending, of Evil Inc. too, would happen is someone used the Space-Time Slicer! 18-04-2010
- Frankenstein Superstar - Off course Evil Atom has a place in the Gallery of Evil, he is a business man after all! 07-08-2012
- Frankenstein Superstar - Sasquash has been leased out as one of the Captain's examples of "Real Heroes"...! 03-06-2013
- Intelligent Life - Either Lightning Lady is out at the convention herself, or thats one cosplaying her! 06-10-2014
- Intelligent Life - Somebody who looks strikingly like Miss Match can be seen at the comic convention Gwen attends! 09-10-2016
- Grrl Power - No, he is definitely NOT calling THAT Evil Inc. ... though they he IS part of an evil LLC company! 01-02-2021

Brad Guigar cameos/references:
- Weregeek - Judging by the smile, Brad Guigar is all eager and ready to get some roleplaying done! 24-11-2008
- Capes-N-Babes - Being the King of Puns, Brad Guigar acts all the way, sharing his knowledge! 19-12-2008

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