- None recorded

- The Wotch - I think its safe so say that and Uricarn Demon is an entirely other Wotch-related monster! 17-09-2005

Exiern cameos/references can be found in:
- SailorSun.org - Typan-Knee has yet to be bid on at the charity auction... but she could fetch a good price! 20-07-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Tiffany is facing off against the Trolls of the EOU-army, not giving an inch! 26-09-2007
- SailorSun.org - Looks like Peonie's workout is suddenly interrupted by the bloodculling scream! 09-04-2008
- SailorSun.org - Typan-Knee finds out, the hard way, that Bay have a few tricks up her.. elbow! 14-04-2008
- SailorSun.org - Today we show how someone can have a Run into somebody with a nice Exiern cap! 27-08-2008
- For Your Eyes Only - It might just be called fanservice, but a lot would probably love to help Peonie out! 15-10-2008
- M. Organ Art - We have waited a long time for the Exiern-book, but I can spot it there in the shelf! MA content warning!22-07-2013
- The Demon Archives - For this battle, none other than Typh and Peonie have been hired as commandos! 18-01-2018

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