Experience The Magic of the Legend
Experience The Magic of the Legend

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- Carrion Girls - The Carrion Girls themselves seem also to have gotten a hold of a scroll with the latest game content! 12-05-2016
- Kiwi Day N - Kaen and Hel are among the throng gathering for the in-game anniversary event! 12-05-2016
- The Sisters - The Sisters Three have all shown up at the square to see what up in the game's anniversary event! 12-05-2016
- Skadi - For a gathering of this many adventureres in the square, off course one will be Skadi! 12-05-2016
- The Green Knight - Sir Richard of Greenwater and Gwanwyn Teg can both be seen in the square on anniversary day! 12-05-2016
- West Tree Academy of Heroes - Of course a gathering like this would involve someone from West Tree Academy! 12-05-2016

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