The Extras
The Extras

- None recorded

- Juda Fist - Whoa! Is that really a copy of a "Juda Fist: Cobra Red" we can see there on Nita's desk!? 30-06-2021
- Far-Star Summer School - Namtara and Primrose seems to be in an exchange program, taking part in the biology-exhibition! 16-12-2022
- Juda Fist - That looks to be a copy of "Juda Fist: Seven Deaths of the Yobi" Nita is carrying around there ! 16-12-2022

The Extras cameos/references can be found in:
- Cryptida - Looks like Nita has gotten some time off for a guided tour of the castle! 11-06-2020
- Cafe on Crepe Island - Looks like Nita has gotten a job at this store, taking good care of the clothes for show! 12-07-2020
- Juda Fist - Chantilly, Nita and several other students are being kept under tight surveillance by the police command! 03-04-2021
- Tangentville - An avatar of Chantilly can be spotted in the realm of the game of Scimitar Online! 10-05-2021

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