Doing fanart for a site that, in reality, is just a huge collection of links to a whole bunch of other sites, SOUNDS like an impossible challenge, and I must admit I had never expected anything like this...
BUT, one person believed that it WAS possible, and hence the Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive received its first official piece of Fanart, forcing the construction of this section.
I really appreciate what I get since it shows I must be doing a good enough job with the Archive to have deserved it, which again gives me a boost to try and keep up the good job! ;-)

- Hogan

By NJ Huff by NJ Huff of Emergency Exit

By Komiyan by Komiyan of Darken (gift of the Cornstalker Secret Santa 2006)

By Jops & Amis by Jops & Amis of SDXF (gift of the Comic Genesis Secret Santa 2007)

By NJ Huff by NJ Huff of Emergency Exit (commision)

By Dragonmajick by Dragonmajick of Tales of the Travelling Gnome (gift of the Dragonboard Secret Santa 2008)

By Ben by Ben "Bean" Fleuter of Parallel Dementia (commision)

Then there's always the Hoganspotting.... ;-)

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