In order of appearance...

AaaSoc Cameo 04-02-2005 When my friend Chi Reto, the cartoonist of AaaSoC created a resistance group to fight the bad guys in his webcomic, he picked up friends and boardies from forum and IRC to fill the ranks... somewhere along the way he decided to add an axe-swinging warrior to the fray.
The character, as well as most of the others, became recurring characters in the comic, spotted several times later on.
AaaSoc Cameo 19-10-2005
Dog and Pony
Dog & Pony 02-11-2005 When another friend, Caitlin Woods, cartoonist of one of my favourite webcomics, Dog & Pony started doing her "fanservice" I was pretty glad that I'd written some fanfics for her as the service was excellent! :-)
Pr0nCrest 14-11-2005 This to be the first, indirectly, reference to me in a webcomic oand one that that took me completely by surprise. At his point I hardly knew Kennatsu, having only seen him briefly visiting the Dragonboard for a couple of time, and then this happens! I'm mentioned in a Pr0n movie!!
Sadly the movie was never played to the end, so I couldn't give the two copter-nappers their due reward, but the comic is still going strong.
Coiling Spine
Coiling Spine 25-12-2005 The first to show me the price of infamy, Darryl Fabia of Coiling Spine makes a cameo-filled Christmas special, dedicated to all the work it will mean for me, even mangling me off panel!!
Even though Darryl has stopped drawing the comic now and concentrated on the writing part, I still have a score to settle with him about the price of Regeneration spells!
The KAMics
The KAMics 01-03-2006 Now who is that handsome charming fellow there? When I first saw this strip I said to myself: "Could it be? Naah..." (off course KAM never warned me...), and the next strip showed that I was right in my suspicion!
The funny thing is, I KNOW what picture he used for reference, I just didn't expect HIM to know about it, but it was the bracers that clued me in!
Reckless Youth
Reckless Youth 18-04-2006 Another very surprising cameo taking place not long after I'd joined the #keenspace IRC channel. Claude was at that point having Skypolicemen and Goth zombies warring in the background of his comic, using other cartoonists, friends (and obviously me) to fill the ranks... I'm later told that I was THIS close to become a Zombie instead :-)
Strangely enough, I think this meeting looks to fare better than some of my dates...
Impy & Aevy
Impy & Aevy 05-05-2006 I did get a little warning ahead of this one, a cryptic one though, but Robbie Allan of Impy & Aevy and many more comics had his fun allowing me do commentary for at the local Dog Talent Show... yes, I'm a man of many talents!
Actually, I like this cameo, it looks pretty well like the real me at this point... wonder what he used as a reference?
The KAMics
The KAMics 20-07-2006 And now we finally see what happens when you bring too many cameos in your comic.. barriers are broken down!
Apparently KAM felt he needed to pay his dues after strip by strip of cameos, and suddenly the Berserker Cameotracker with a Vengeance was born! He became the one who seeks out webcomic artists to pass his revenge on after too many long cameo-adding hours! (unfortunately KAM got away...).
This must be how legends start...
Cortland 13-09-2006 After he in this strip had filled the shelves of an entire videostore with DVD's containing cameos and references to other webcomics, Matt Johnson should have up for one hell of a beating from the flat side of my trademark axe... if he hadn't added that little detail on the last cover...;-)
Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 03-10-2006 I don't know whether I shall take this direct reference as an excuse or a thinly veiled threat.... or perhaps both, you never know when KAM and Ron are in the same time.
But this WAS added after a cameo-laden week of Magical Misfits, so...
Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 31-10-2006 Even though I helped setting up and hosting the Halloween Cameo Caper 2006 which took place in Shelterville of the Old Wild West, it still surprised me to become a part of the events myself, inviting in to one hell of a party at the saloon come Halloween Day!
I laugh every time I see this one, it's Me mixed with Charlie Brown!
Life & Death
Life & Death 31-10-2006 Two cameos the same day? Boy, was I really impressed and awed! As with Magical Misfits, Jonathan Oliver of Life & Death decided to give me a cameo in the Halloween Cameo Caper 2006 run... here's me tending to the bar and scowling at the strange collection of guests.
Shelterville would never be the same again after that Halloween!
The KAMics
The KAMics 03-11-2006 Seriously... what should I have done? He was just about to escape and wreck more cameo havoc, causing a hell of a lot of work for me! Take note... never mess with this Cameotracker!
I am really starting to like this returning cameo of mine :-)
Cortland 01-12-2006 Yet again I'm allowed I was allowed to appear Cortland, much to my surprise, this time in the mainstream comic (okay, in the sub Roomies-section, but its still the comic!) and as my own real self! ... and just to make sure I was recognized, Matt made sure to stick the Danish flag on me ;-)
This was actually my first webcomic cameo appearing in a printed edition!
Parallel Dementia
Parallel Dementia 03-12-2006 This one gotta be one of my favourite cameos to date, though not the most unexpected. When Ben Fleuter originally asked around for people to fill the ranks of the Templars in his comic I volunteered my Barbarian image to be used... I had just no idea he would turn out to be such a badass one!
So far this is my only appearance in the comic, but since he has yet to die he might turn up again.
Life & Death
Life & Death 11-12-2006 When Joff hit 300 strips with his major blockbuster comics of Life & Death, he decided to call in as many characters from other comics as he could in order to celebrate it... which off course would mean a whole lot of work for me!!
Obviously he anticipated my reaction and choose to depict me in the comic... as he foresaw me. He was wrong on one occasion though... I don't hate him, I just want to maim him!
Atavism 25-12-2006 Okay, I SHOULD have been more suspicious when Cope one night asked me how a drunken Dane would curse. I had my fun writing out the answer to that, though I had the feeling that the joke somehow would be turned on me... and it was!
By no means this is taken from real life... no means at all!
Life & Death
Life & Death 12-08-2007 Aaaaaand... Jonathan Oliver hits 400 strips and decides to do it by breaking the record for most cameos in one single strip! He obviously anticipated my reaction, because he made sure my cameo was restrained by my favourite Valkyries from The KAMics
I'm going to get you for this Joff...
Pr0nCrest 06-09-2007 I have NO comment to this... none that will make it through the censorship that is! When I first saw this strip I think I first gawked with astonishment, then fell down laughing.
Now I just wonder... where did he get the correct pics for references?
Life & Death
Life & Death 22-10-2007 I should have seen this coming a mile away... Joff put me behind the bar in the first Halloween Cameo Caper last year, and off course he was bound to do it again in this one, the Halloween Cameo Caper 2007... but the Mickey Mouse outfit was just too much and almost became my new trademark!
... at least I got my axe back for the rollercoasterride!
Life & Death 31-10-2007
The KAMics
The KAMics 02-11-2007 When first Joff had trademarked my likeness in the Halloween Cameo Caper 2007, there was no doubt that other participants would use it too. KAM, off course, managed to make it into an inside joke we've talked about since the Crossover Wars... curse my luck with the ladies...
Dawn of a New Era 2
Dawn of a New Era 2 03-11-2007 And... not to be outdone by the others and in order to jump on the bandwagon, Dawn of a New Era also shows off my pretty mouse-eared self!
The KAMics
The KAMics 21-11-2007 KAM improvises on a communication we had regarding his latest contribution to CameoComic... and what can I say? I am just a softie when it comes down to it... especially when it comes down to my friends doing me a favour! Please ignore the crossed fingers and the sharpened axe behind my back.
Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 22-11-2007 Just when I thought my ordeal at the Halloween Caper was over and I was not having to see my mouse-eared avatar ever again, Ron pulled a last fast one on me! He just forgets that I would never harm my favourite characters.. their authors on the other hand, thats a whole other matter!
Insanity of Xade
Insanity of Xade 11-01-2008 And from out of the blue, Xade struck with this... no, actually I think she hinted a warning, an overlooked warning! And let me at first point out that I NEVER retort to threats to get something through! Blackmail perhaps, but no threats... not that I think they would have worked on Xade...
Actually, its the first time I have seen myself rendered, and I must admit I blatantly like the result! Thanks Xade!
The KAMics
The KAMics 28-01-2008 If anyone ever asks me where my hunt for Cameowhores began, I'll just point at the KAMics and they will understand. This time I'm doing it cooperate style, but KAM still got away!
I'm not that bad... I'm just drawn that way!
Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 22-02-2008 I got to admit Ron once again came out with a surprise... after having run a heavy storyline in which he "borrowed" my "daughter" Scale for a couple of weeks, he says his thanks by giving a visit to our old CameoComic comic, complete with Daddy Hogan... what can I say? I dig that axe-case! :P
... oh, and a couple of strips later you get to see where I was going to use the axe!
Life & Death
Life & Death 02-04-2008 After having been a regular to Joff's celebrational strips whenever he marked another 100 comics done with lots of cameos, you SHOULD think I would have gotten a hold of him by now... but nooooo! Even when I was invited for the 500th strip celebration, just like himself (he IS In the strip), disguised by with a cone and my fiery axe, I STILL didn't get him...
Well, I just gotta try again in a 100 strips or so...
P.S.I. 26-05-2008 I think this one says it all... what anyone who dares make a multicameo-pages risk of facing.. a Berserking Cameotracker, now with Flaming Axe!
I know Fes hinted a little of this strip before it appeared, but I'll still say its awesome on so many levels!
Insanity of Xade
Insanity of Xade 04-06-2008 Again I must admit I was taken aback by an unexpected cameo appearance in Insanity of Xade, and this time I was even, for the first time, anthromorphed as a Tiger! But it IS me, notice the axe and the talk about axing? Okay, now I can apparently also heal, so this is going be one unique appearance Xade made for me.
M. Organ Art
M. Organ Art 22-06-2008 I always wondered how I would be featured if I was to have a cameo in an adult webcomic, and M. gave me an unexpected shot at a suggestion on how to feature me... namely as a bottle of extra strong fiery liquor that will without doubt put hair on your chest... or burn it all off... :P
The KAMics
The KAMics 19-07-2008 ... okay, when I'm through with being honoured due to KAM's frequent use of my visage in his comics, I GOT to demand a cast page at the KAMics! For two strips in a row, I get to play along with some of my favourite Valkyries of the net in... various interesting plots... yeah... I think he is in to get me now I think of it...:-/
The KAMics 21-07-2008
The KAMics
The KAMics 01-08-2008 Even though this is perhaps one of my most dire and terrifying cameos of all time, it's also one of those I somehow is most proud of and loves the most... me doing the celebrational stripper jump-out-of-the-cake manouver!
... can it get any more cheesy?
Drunken Scribblings
Drunken Scribblings 07-08-2008 I can't yet decide which honour is the most... being cameoed in Drunken Scribblings in one of the first strips in Tinks return after a semi-long hiatus, or be cameoed in company with such a bunch of top-cartoonists? :-)
The KAMics
The KAMics 05-09-2008 This may just be another cameo in my run for a spot on the cast-page of the KAMics, but when used as an avatar I think this has become one of my most treasured ones! It conveys perfectly well the threat I'm imposing on all the Cameowhores out there... beware!
... funny enough that it would be KAM, public cameo enemy Numero Uno who made me this...
Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 08-10-2008 It has for the last couple of years been a tradition by the participants of the Halloween Cameo Capers to include me in one form or another, usual as a bartender (see previous cameos), and I had on the feeling something like that would happen in Halloween Cameo Caper 2008 too... though I must admit Ron's featuring of me as a Cameo-hungry zombie really surprised and cracked me up, not to mention the real punchline in a later strip with had both me and friend Aggie down with a fit of laughter :P
Magical Misfits 07-11-2008
Life & Death
Life & Death 15-10-2008 But... what now? Another appearance of me in the Halloween Cameo Caper 2008 ? But I've already been around as a Zombie? O.o Heh... Joff needed somebody to watch the flying Zombie, and I got the honour, and who am I to talk against it?
This was going to be a Caper with several different Hogans around, and Joff even put me in again later, complete with flaming axe this time!
Life & Deaths 31-10-2008
Drunken Scribblings
Drunken Scribblings 30-10-2008 And yet another appearance by me in the Halloween Cameo Caper 2008, this time in my more usual Halloween role as the bartender in Tink's Drunken Scribblings. I like the fact that having ones bar taken over by strange creatures and beings doesn't bother me... unless they sit on the bar!
Salt the Holly
Salt the Holly 30-10-2008 From another participant in the Halloween Cameo Caper 2008, I received yet another cameo from behind the desk. Amanda saw the running joke and got away with it, placing me behind the counter in Barbarian outfit and my axe one the wall. "Here NO credit is given!"
Perhaps I should make a career as a desk clerk like that?
Times Like This
Times Like This 21-11-2008 I must admit that, when reading this strip on the day of update, my fingers starts flexing more and more as the mentioned comics piled up and when nearing then end I was eventually starting to reach for something heavy at hand, sharp too if possible... when suddenly the last frame totally disarmed me, leaving me facepalming and laughing all at the same. Talk about being caught off guard! :-)
Life & Death
Life & Death 01-12-2008 Life & Death's 600th strip and my ongoing quest to get my hands (or axe) on Joff continues! However, this time he played it smart and made sure there was a loooong line of cameos in front of me, and before I was finished recording them he had made a break for it... Next time Joff, next time!

Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 08-12-2008 It has become quite a tradition among certain webcomickers to arrange a cameoparty around comic-anniversaries or strip celebrations... and I got an idea that its sometimes done just to "annoy" me!
Off course, some people play along on this notion, and that's probably why my trademark showed up at Magical Misfits 800 strip party... signed and all!
The KAMics
The KAMics 11-02-2009 I SHOULD get around to charge KAM per. appearance, but I can't help shake my head and laugh every time he puts me in, even though he KNOWS he is on my list and I will get around to do him in sooner or later!
... although this time it seems to be Ron of Magical Misfits who has a happy date with the axe!
Insanity of Xade
Insanity of Xade 16-03-2009 Xade was the one behind the first 3d-rendering of my avatar, and when she does celebrational strips its going to be a showup of all 3d-rendered characters from various comics... however, no stopping to admire the scenery, I got a foxy vixen to catch!
Seriously, she deserves kudos for the work on this strip, it manages to make even me look good!
Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 18-03-2009 Of all the cameos I've had over time I think this so far is the one most dear to me... and one of the most surprising! I WAS warned about me making an appearance in an upcoming strip, but this... a whole strip dedicated to me, my avatar and the Archive!
When I saw this I was at loss for words, something like this shows you that you have made a difference and that there are people who appreciate what you do... thanks Ron :-)
Too Many Authors
Too Many Authors 07-07-2009 There's a first time for everything, and this is my first cameo as a sprite! Littlebeast shows that not all sprite-comics are rip-offs from Megaman and Mario, and one of his new characters became Hogan the Bartender... is it just me or do I spend a lot of time tending bars in various comics? Not that I am complaining... ;-)
The KAMics
The KAMics 17-07-2009 When the KAMics hit the extraordinaire number of 1000 strips, it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to know that Cameowhore #1, KAM, would be up to something... and off course he was! Just got to admit I had never experiences this humeroous stunt. possibly only funnier if animated and the appropiate music added :P
Don't worry, I'll catch up with him sooner or later...
Life & Death
Life & Death 05-08-2009 I think Joff enjoys taunting me with his celebrational strips, well knowing that he is out of harms way and I will not be able to take out my anger at his characters, as well as all of them he usually brings to his partiet :P
Well, here's to 700 strips Joff... I'll get another chance at 800 ;-)
M. Organ Art
M. Organ Art 09-08-2009 My first real appearing in M. Organ's strip, and my first reall appearance in an adult comic, and the one were I'm least clothed... good thing he let me keep my shorts on, or this could have turned intor a horror-comic :P
And no father probably wants to catch his "daughter" like that... any other girl her age is probably another matter... ;-)
Cerintha 24-08-2009 Yes, one day I should get Cope to tell why I always ends up as drunkard when he draws me... problem is, his drawings are a pretty good likeness of me and funny as hell, so I never get around to ask :P
And just for the record... there's probably mead in those mugs ;-)
Magical Misfits
Magical Misfits 09-10-2009 I have said it before, and I will say it again, Ron's Fedora Hogan in his appearances in borderline Magical Misfits, is perhaps the one of my incarnations I'm most fond of, just too bad he is the one always bound to loose... although in this case he DOES at least score a point :P
Grin-N-Spirit 11-10-2009 And with my first appearance in Jim's Grin-N-Spirit one of my greatest secrets and covers are blown... the one of my demonic heritage and my job as job-broker in the demonic dimensions!
I'll get your fot this Dyar... see you in hell!!
Life & Death
Life & Death 31-10-2009 It's another Halloween Caper on the loose, and its becoming a custom that I, by no plans or agreement, tends to have an appearance... and I bloody WILL have my appearance! Even if I have to sneak in to get it!
Salt the Holly
Salt the Holly 19-11-2009 There's a fun story about this cameo, or not, depending on how you look at it. It actually took me almost exactly one full year to discover it which is amazing, especially since I receive so many submissions about cameos here and there. Well, guess everybody expected me to already know about if up front?
I really am clueless, am I not? :-)
Public Misfit Kids
Public Misfits Kids 20-11-2009 When Ron of Magical Misfits and Riley of Public Humiliation teams up for a story combining their respective comics, you know you are in for something... I just didn't count on ME being on for something! But here I am, being a character in said comic, though I cannot say for how long... especially not since I obviously use Gnome-Crafted spaceships...Consider me speechless over the honored though.
With my state as character, I will not record any more appearing in this comic.
The KAMics
The KAMics 14-04-2010 You got to hand it to KAM... he sees an opportunity and then goes for it... straight for the throat! I'll give him a kick in it next time I get my opportunity! Actually I should have seen that one coming ...but that he then also officially, and finally, added me to his cast-page means I probably no longer can record myself here ;-)
Life & Death
Life & Death 19-04-2010 Every 100 strips Joff does his great celebrational cameo-ladden page featuring dozens of characters from as many comics... I KNOW he is out to break me one of these days, but I can't get a hold on him... he is too smart, this time roping me in a straight-jacket before the 800th strip party even started!
I'll get you yet Joff!
Times Like This
Times Like This 22-04-2010 Thomas Overbeck called this "Strip Recycling In Order to Honor Earth Day".. I call it an uppercut followed by a kick to the groin! The first for the shock and laugh I got out of it, almost as much as I go the first time around, and the second was when I realized how much work he gave me... again!
The KAMics
The KAMics 03-05-2010 Okay, I know I said I didn't have to note down another KAMics-appearance since I became a member of the cast, but I HAD to note down this one...in order to do some advertising for my pictures! ;-)

Magiversity 10-05-2010 This got to be among my favorite appearings... not because I get to wear a skirt (?) and swing around my trusty axe, but most before I finally seems to have managed to catch up with Cameowhoe #1 aka The Usual Suspect AKA KAM, finally giving him some hard-earned payback!
*sigh* if just all artists would be so convenient...

Legostar Galactica
Legostar Galactica 30-10-2010 For the first time I got to see myself Legofied in a webcomics... and I look smashing and bricky! The cameo here is due to my involvement in the union between Legostar Galactica and the online game of Star Pirates but that does not lessen the honor
Life & Death
Life & Death 06-01-2011 Ah, I see... once again Joff is having a celebrational comic, this time for his 900th comic, and has therefore invited a host of cameos... and off course I will be there, trying once again to get my hands on him before its too late since he usually shows up himself too!!
Neither on land nor sea shall he feel himself safe!
The KAMics
The KAMics 01-04-2011 It has been long enough since my last appearance in the KAMics, so I thought I would record this one for good measures... and because I really like the implications of it!

Life & Death
Life & Death 20-09-2011 Finally Joff and his Life & Death reached the magical number of strips... and though I had toyed with the idea of going to pay him a "visit" in advance and prevent the strip from happening, Fate wanted it otherwise...
So, Joff pulled through with his threat and made a Strip #1000 Cameo Extravagance... including me, though he was smart enough to hide himself away...
I'll get you some day Joffio... some day!
Haven and Adler
Haven and Adler 17-04-2012 Perhaps not a cameo involving me, but instead a nod to the massive undertaking of the Archive! I DO believe it also deserves it more than me :-)
Thanks Dumok! :cheers:
Karabear Comics Unltd.
Karabear Comics Unltd. 01-05-2012 Worst thing is that I missed out on this myself the first time around, but seeing myself having become an official comic "Watermark" (correct term from the world of dead tree comics?) really gives me a fuzzy and funny feeling :D
Best thing is probably that the issue can also be bought, meaning I actually have my visage on a printed comic! :D
Life & Death
Life & Death 19-06-2012 1100 strips of Life & Death, and Joff is still going strong and insisting on hosting a cameoparty to celebrate... which prompts my usual appearence and me trying to get my hands for him for doing this!! ... to no avail :-(
I look forward to these intermezzos, I really do, but now Joff must have felt me getting too close cause he's decided to give them a break for some time... smart move Joff... and thanks!
Blade of Toshubi
Blade of Toshubi 08-07-2012 Randy really impressed and surprised me with this one... not only did I get a cameo in his comic, but the cameo became a character in his own right, guarding the crossroads between dimensions and harassing characters and author-avatars alike!
The bad thing about this is that the artists have now found my secret kryptonite! Soon I will be presented with pictures of volupteous female characters whereever I go in order to keep me at bay! :o
SailorSun.org 11-02-2013 This came out of the blue... literally in more than one sense! Originally I overlooked the writing in small print and went with "That's one lucky fellow there" and then, with the coming of the next strip it hit me... Bam! And I was dumbfounded for a bit...
Seriously, thanks CD! How many get to brag about having been kissed by their favorite girl from a given comic?
The 7 Year Archive Celebration
The KAMics Life & Death M. Organ Art Usually I make a habit of at least given a token commentary when the Archive can celebrate having been around a year more, after all, its I consider it a landmark every time, a testament to my inability to give up and start working on something that actually makes sense. However, this year a couple of friends decided to mark the date without my knowledge, and guess who got quite a triple surprise when he went around his daily comic-catchup? Thanks a bunch folks! :D
The KAMics 14-02-2013 Life & Death 14-02-2013 M. Organ Art 14-02-2013

Misfists of Mischief
Misfits of Mischief 28-10-2013 Though this strip didn't appear online on the site before the 28th of October, I was actually aired early on the artists DeviantArt AND livejournal... RIGHT AT MY BIRTHDAY (and catching me completely by surprise btw)! :o
Intentially as it was, this is treasured as my first actually birthday comic present!

Then, of course, there are the infamous Crossover Wars in which I made a whole lot of appearances throughout many different comics. But given that I helped writing out a lot of the major parts of the events in which I appeared, I have chosen NOT to count them among my appearences... the most appreciated and loved cameos are those that takes you by surprise ;-)

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