Frequently Asked Questions
.... in case anyone thought of asking them...

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: The reason for doing this crazy timeconsuming stunt? Well, ever since the good old days of comic-in-print-only, I've been extremely fond of crossovers between characters from the various comics, it was like "pay for one - get several" every time an issue contained a crossover, and usually it sparkled interesting results. The off course there was always the Easter Egg "spot the character in the crowd" funnies.
So, when I hit the world of Webcomics I discovered the many subtle and not-so-subtle cameos and references many cartoonists are fond of using and, to make a long story short, I decided to build this archive to store the legacy of all those appearances and happenings so readers always will be able to go back and catch up on previous cameos of their favourite characters in other comics, making sure artists are credited with their contribution long after it usually would have been forgotten!
... and besides that, this is a fun way to pass the time I don't have, as well as getting to know a heel of a lot of good comics and great artists ;-)

Q: When and how much do you update?
A: I try to update the Archive as often as possible, always striving to add the cameos, references and crossovers of old while still adding the latest and newest ones as fast as possible!
Usually I'm able to update at least once a day, collecting all the updated entries and make a full update around 11 PM, CET... sometimes I get around to make a few updates earlier, it all depends!

Q:What's the definition of a Crossover/Cameo?
A: First of all, this is MY definitions and the rules under which I work and update the Archive.

Q:What comics do you read yourself?
A: "All too many" must be a proper answer to that question... I tend to pick up quite a lot of the comics I come into contact with while adding their cameos to the Archive, and while I got a net 30 or so comics I check at every update, there are countless I keep getting back regulary in order to catch up on read through their archives once and for all... sometimes adding them to my daily list afterwards.
There are just too damn many good webcomics out there!

Q:What does the tag marking strips in the Archive mean?
A: MA stands for MAture, meaning that the link you are about to click will take you to a comic or site with a MAture rated content. It may not necessarily be the strip you visit directly through the link, but if browsing around on the target-site, you may come in contact with more mature content. Just my way of giving fair warning.
Off course, the definition of what's mature or not is fully my own. Occasionally gracious cleavage as well as naked backs and breasts will not trigger the MA-tag for the comic as a whole, though showing of genitails and/or outright fornication will.

Q:Why do some link have an tag attached to them?
A: Sometimes a comic disappears and all the links to its strips goes dead which means I usually remove the links so they will not point towards nothing. Dead links are marked like this to differ from the still living.
However, sometimes I happend to have the lost strip o' cameo stored away, sometimes others, maybe the artist her/himself shares it with me, meaning that while the comic is gone to meet its maker, the strip is saved for posterity in the Archive itself under the "Orphan Strip Project", OSP for short. Strips saved like that gets the Archive-tag.

Q:Who's that weird looking felllow on the front page?
A: That's me... in my LARP-role as what ended up becoming my public face on the net, my Barbarian avatar... moving on please...

- Hogan

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