Far Out There
Far Out There

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- Mildly Mundane - Among the horde amassed for the convention we spot the spiked hair of Placard Pete! 27-02-2009
- Crossing Death - Fluttering around the hall among the convention-goers we can see Penny! 27-02-2009
- Mystery Bread - EXCLAMATORY MAN! has shown up, sure to put his mark on the mad scientist party! 27-02-2009
- Red and White - Somehow Elizabeth Wulf has found her way into the Mad Scientist Fair!? 27-02-2009
- Omega Justice - Lt. Luke Johnson is a the Mad Scientist Party... for hunting or guarding? 27-02-2009
- Millenium - Ronoe Hinta has found a way into the great halls that houses the Mad Scientist Convention! 03-03-2009
- The Devon Legacy - Hiding out among the many people assembled we just about spot Fenny Baker! 03-03-2009
- Digimon World Adventure - Watching the antics taking place is none other than Hiro! 03-03-2009
- Crossing Death - You got to say that Aeren stick out in the crowd, even in this crazy convention-collection! 06-03-2009
- Stickman and Cube - Robo-Cube and The Hat doesn't really stick out this much a the Mad Scientist Fair! 06-03-2009
- Salt the Holly - Cade is dragging a crate around at the gathering... moonlightning as a porter? 06-03-2009
- Omega Justice - Kazu Fukushi has also gotten permission to hang around the massed people at the convention! 06-03-2009
- Due East - Left side of the desk, Lindsay seems to wonder what really goes on with these people? 06-03-2009
- The Devon Legacy - Airing her pink shirt at the convention, Sally seems to walk around peacefully! 10-03-2009
- Crossing Death - Off course Brick had to be among the many people attending the chaotic convention! 10-03-2009
- Mildly Mundane - Max the Vampire Kleptomaniac seems to have his eyes set for one target or another! 13-03-2009
- Magenta the Witchgirl - Magenta can be found where people pick up the schedules for the Mad Scientist Fair! 13-03-2009
- Due East - Douglas Hu has taken up a position behind the desk at the Convention for Mad Scientists! 13-03-2009
- Red and White - Hood up, Beebe is skulking around in the crowd, keeping an eye out for strange things! 17-03-2009
- Running On Empty 08 - Anywhere else it might be strange to see Betsy carry a cello around at a convention! 17-03-2009
- DragonSlayer - Brett and Turtle stick together at this strange Mad Scientist Convention! 17-03-2009
- Omega Justice - Dirk Cohen is mingling with all the people around at the convention! 20-03-2009
- Crossing Death - Isis has arrived at the Mad Scientist convention, but she seems a bit worrited? 20-03-2009
- The Uncanny Uber Dave - A convention like this begs for the participation of the Uncanny Upper Dave! 20-03-2009
- Dying to Live - Larry peeks in through the door to see what's happening in the Con Ops suite! 24-03-2009
- Total Disregard - Ron manages to creep out a couple of people in the backrooms of the convention! 27-03-2009
- Stupidity is a Virtue - Spyke hangs out in the backroom, having a discussion with other people around! 27-03-2009
- Life with Fred - Fred is having a very spirited argument right next to the coffee (?) machine! 27-03-2009
- Point Me At The Sky - At Madeon XXVII Bug Boy found out that he was very flameable! 27-03-2009
- Punk Pink - Having enjoyed the learnings of transmogriffing, Chicgeek leaves the room smiling! 31-03-2009
- Stupidity is a Virtue - Volty has lined up to hear about how you make Dilithium out of toenail clippings! 03-04-2009
- Malevolent Malpractice - Standing in first line for transmogrification lessons, always to learn something new...! 03-04-2009
- Crossing Death - Odessa has taken a seat and overheard the lecture on how transmogrification works! 07-04-2009
- Red and White - Robin Hood hangs out in the hall area, wondering when the next event will start? 14-04-2009
- Life with Fred - There's still a crowd in the background, and one of those making it up is Asher! 21-04-2009
- Devil Squid Adventures - Devil Squid joins the crowd eagerly waiting to see vengeance unfold! 28-04-2009
- Bonus Stage - Rya can be spotted walking the halls of the Mad Scientist Convention! 01-05-2009
- Millennium - Skye may have disappeared, but Mune Kitian can still be seen in the hallway! 12-05-2009

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