On the Fastrack
On the Fastrack

- Intelligent Life - Gwen has joined Dethany for some team Star Wars cosplaying! 17-01-2015
- Intelligent Life - Skip, Gwen and Flix arrive for a 2018 crossover-Halloween held at Dethany's! 27-10-2018
- Intelligent Life - Dethany meets Gwen at the comic convention, dressed up as the Joker! 08-10-2016

- Legend of Bill - Friends from one comic arrive dresses up as characters from another comic... its Halloween! 27-10-2018

On the Fastrack cameos/references can be found in:
- Safe Havens - Patina, with help from her parents, move into the dorm under Samantha's supervision! 28-03-2013
- Intelligent Life - There's no doubt about it being Dethany attending the convention among all the celebrities! 08-10-2014
- Intelligent Life - Dethany, or one who looks like her, seems to be out for some trick and treating! 26-10-2014

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