- None recorded

- Cosmic Dash - Kracker is having his "fun" at the party... spiking drinks and kidnapping girls...! 23-10-2008
- All Over Migglie - Migglie should learn a lesson from this... never take drinks from strangers, even at parties! 23-10-2008
- Death Bunny - It was just a question about time before some Death Bunny figures were made I see! 06-11-2008
- All Over Migglie - Damn, it looks like Pembroke has one of the rare Migglie figures on his shelf! 06-11-2008
- Nestor the Greek - On the shelf behind Pembroke, we see one of the famous Nestor Action Figures! 06-11-2008
- Impy & Aevy - The toyline on the shelf also contains a figure of Princess Preti Evil! 06-11-2008
- Girly - A cute little figure of Winter is a part of the figure-collection on Pembroke's shelf! 06-11-2008
- Impy & Aevy - On the shelf in the pirateshop we find a nice figurine of Jazzy! 13-11-2008
- Cantrip the Magic Rabbit - Looks like this shop has a nice collection of figurines, Goldie among them! 13-11-2008
- All Over Migglie - Migglie is a much popular figurine, and off course the shop carries a copy on its shelves! 13-11-2008
- Treasure Hunters - June has a good taste in dolls, she even has a Domino up on her shelf! 18-11-2008
- Treasure Hunters - In Shelly's closet of forgotten toys, we also find a Zinman doll! 24-02-2009
- Death Bunny - Threatening as always, a Death Bunny doll is NOT something you want to share closet with! 24-02-2009
- Cantrip the Magic Rabbit - I don't know is a Candice doll can be considered "junk", but Shelly thinks so! 24-02-2009
- All Over Migglie - When Shelly got tired of her Migglie doll, it got thrown into the closet with the other toys! 24-02-2009
- Cosmic Dash - At one time Shelly had a Kracker doll, but now its just stored in the closet as junk! 24-02-2009
- Sugar Babiez - The Kunie doll has been thrown into Shelly's closet along with the other "junk"! 24-02-2009
- Impy & Aevy - In the nightstand table near her bed, Shelly has a Jazz doll standing! 15-09-2009
- Lancaster The Ghost Detective - As a strange coincidence, Pembroke introduces Lancaster at the right time! 20-10-2009
- Ginger's Bread - Looks like Ginger has taken an intrest in the local Dog Show! 01-12-2009
- Ginger's Bread - Poor Ginger, being denied access to the bar and its booze must be hard! 26-10-2010

Femmegasm cameos/references can be found in:
- Cosmic Dash - On the wall we have June and Shelly advertising for...Beachia! 09-08-2008
- Cantrip the Magic Rabbit - Both shelly and June has heard a couple of things.. but what kind of things? 24-09-2008
- Cosmic Dash - Shelly and June are out in town today, watching the crowd around them! 30-01-2009
- World of Fizz - What's that on the shelves in the background? It's the new Shelly Breakfast Cereal brand! 10-06-2009
- World of Fizz - One of the kids waiting in line wears a nice warm Shelly-shirt! 21-12-2009
- Ginger's Bread - Nice! A Shelly-shirt! I bet there will be aquatic buyers for that... somewhere! 20-01-2010
- Times Like This - Oh yes, you made a good choice there Bethany, Femmegasm is just for you! 22-04-2010
- The Couch Kitties - They are right, Kelly is no FusionD... but we like her anyway! 28-08-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- All Over Migglie - Among the outrageous dancers in the background we see Green Wigglie! 01-07-2008
- Cosmic Dash - David A. Davis served the heartfilled treat in the restaurant! 31-07-2008
- All Over Migglie - Green Wigglie is hanging out in the background of the party, not enjoying it a bit it seems! 23-10-2008
- All Over Migglie - Green Wiggly walks past outside the window, not knowing what he just missed inside! 02-12-2008
- Cosmic Dash - A letter from David A. Davis questions the girls' roomie... for how long have they had him? 29-01-2009
- Cantrip the Magic Rabbit - Poinko is one of the judges that gives Daisy the full treatment! 01-12-2009
- Shortpacked! - Being interviewed about his Dinobot victory, David Wills is totally boob-stracted! 01-07-2010

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