Fight, Cast Or Evade
Fight, Cast Or Evade

- None recorded

- Funny Farm - Mousashi & Dozer goes house-hunting, but receives quite a welcome at one house! 22-10-2001
- Plugged Nickel - Mycroft and Caroline are partying away with the rest of the students! 24-08-2005

Fight, Cast Or Evade cameos/references can be found in:
- Captain Mike - Yerzle and Portia is... the subtle architecture flanking the entrance! 25-06-2001
- Cinderblock - Mousashi Miyamoto swings his sword in the support of Free Comic Book Day! 01-05-2003
- Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan - No matter how sexy Yertzle tries to be, its horror to Jodoque! Gueststrip19-06-2003
- Labgoats - Y is for Yerzle, felled flat with a thud! 13-11-2003
- Everyday Stuff - Stilwell looks not so happy about being in a queue that's so long! 07-04-2006

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