Firefly Cross
Firefly Cross

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- Evilish - Akuma and Ember have become a part of Katyn's collection of figures! 15-12-2003
- Treasure Hunters - A little stuffed Silver teddy has its place on the bed! 15-12-2003
- Mixed Myth - Looks like thats the latest issue of Mixed Myth lying there on the table! 15-12-2003
- Evilish - What Figarro tries to sell from his stall doesn't look all too legal...! 13-08-2007
- Red All Over - Lance seems to be carefully contemplating what goods he is offered! 13-08-2007
- Treasure Hunters - Mellissa walks quietly by, carrying Oliver and wearing a big smile! 20-08-2007

Firefly Cross cameos/references can be found in:
- Treasure Hunters - Ra'yl & Elrek, guardians of light and darkness, guards the doorway! 29-04-2003
- Evilish - Even when he is put behind bars, Micah Drews stays completely calm ! 20-03-2007

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