- None recorded

- Exploitation Now - Jay gets Ralph as companionship for an extended bustrip over several strips! 20-10-1999
- Sexy Losers - Sexy Losers aka The Thin H Line will ALWAYS have the most toilets at LOPOW! 26-10-1999
- Little Gamers - Jay is pwned by one of the little gamers... but retaliates! 16-03-2000
- Sluggy Freelance - In a Sluggy-flash, the lost with of Pete Abrams is brought forth! 22-04-2000
- Sinfest - Jay gives Slick a quick but smashing lecture in "Fair usage and parody"! 07-05-2000
- Real Life - Greg comes around to pick up the new game... but may receive more than he wanted! 01-06-2000
- Goats - Those Aliens might not belong in Goats... but the reference points that way anyway! 19-06-2000
- Wendy - Lucy the Goth nurse meets Jay the... just Jay! But what happend to the sexed up punchline? 03-07-2000
- Little Gamers - An add for Little Gamers appears on the site's banner that Jay has just pulled in! 13-07-2000
- Living in Greytown - Figures that Jay would have a link to Living in Greytown in the site's banner! 13-07-2000
- Future Retard - Crazy as the strip is, it's no wonder FLEM has a link to Future Retard in its banner! 13-07-2000
- Something Positive - Jay tries his new Lesbian trap... but gets a mixed catch in Monette! 29-09-2000
- Sluggy Freelance - When cute poinking ferrets are no longer usefull... break their necks! 19-10-2000
- Bob the Angry Flower - Looks like Bob's sidekick fetus is working on enslaving the world! 22-12-2000
- Indietits - Jay has the "pleasure" of a visit from a noisy and extremely foul-mouthed bird! 22-11-2005
- Two Lumps - Like Eben, Jay suddenly finds himself with anti-scratching mittens! 25-01-2006

FLEM cameos/references can be found in:
- Something Positive - Jay at a funeral as his usual sensitive self... will it soon be HIS funeral? 19-04-2002
- Something Positive - You can get Jay to almost everything, just bribe him with porn! 19-12-2002
- Edible Dirt - Jay suffer the final indignity after being completely abandoned... pee-style! 15-05-2006

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