- None recorded

- DMFA - There would be SOME difference if DMFA was drawn fLoRiDa-style! 10-02-2009
- Broken Plot Device - Some things would change if drawn fLoRiDa.ish, some things would not...! 10-02-2009
- Cats N' Cameras - Okay, if you can have fun in fLoRiDa-style, it cannot be THAT bad! 10-02-2009

fLoRiDa cameos/references can be found in:
- DMFA - Today Regina has obviously decided to wear her Foxy-branded Shirt! 02-02-2009

Tangerine Willow cameos/references:
- Cats N' Cameras - Tangerine Willow enters the show with lots of other customers... ruining Thisisa quiet time! MA content warning!17-01-2009

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